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Jan 8, 2004
I am looking for advice. In two weeks a 57 inch hd RPTV will be arriving at my house.

At present I have a c-band dish on which I receive all 4 networks in two time zones. I was grandfathered in and can receive them all untill the law changes or c-band no longer deals with private customers. Over the air with a huge antenna I can receive CBS and ABC (both poorly). I believe I understand waivers and know that unless I have an RV exemption or lie I will not be able to get CBS regular, or HD or ABC from DISH.

MY neigbor has a DISH 811 and a HD TV that has actually not had much in the way of 811 problems.

What I ideally want is all the networks in as much HD as possible, ESPN HD, NESN (Redsox fan) Speed and some movie channels along with the rest of the 100 or so stations that make up most packages.

Does it make sense to get Dish for regular SD TV and Zoom or Direct for the HD. Should I just go with Direct and keep the C-Band dish for networks.

I am ready to do it up right, and don't really care if I need two dish systems. For that matter even three or four. I would also like to be able to watch a different channel on a different TV.

Recording interests me but the 921 seems to be a total bust even when compared to the 811. I won't pay an extra recording fee per month, no way no how.

What do I do. I have been reading this site for a few months and have learned a lot, but also realize that some of this is just opinion.

With all the promotions out there I could easily get a couple set ups for little $. I live in Wyoming, and we do watch a lot of TV in my house. Having seen the HD I want to be able to watch as much as possible in HD.

All opinions are welcome and thanks for all of them.
Voom will offer you the most HD, DISH and Directv are virtually the same for HD(non existant) 6 channels plus CBS if you can qualify. The "C"band won't do you much good the grandfathering dosen't move to another delivery media so keep it the picture quality should be better than either DBS provider. The DBS providers are more interested in how many locals can we squeeze in rather than the quality of the picture. If Voom and "C" band aren't enough go with DirecTV there receivers tend to work much better than DISH.
The only way to get the US nets in HD other than OTA is using the Canadian satellite service Bell ExpressVu. You can get CBS in HD through D* & E* if you qualify, but that's the only net available at this time. ExpressVu (BEV) uses E* equipment, but they are not interchangable. Requires purchasing a 6000 HD rxer made for BEV and a dish, and using an address broker to handle your account. It is not illegal for you to receive ExpressVu as long as you are paying for the service, but it is illegal in Canada for them to knowlingly sell you the service if you are in the States, thus the use of an address broker to use a canadian address.

D* Vs E*

2 dp 34 switch signal loss

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