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Jan 15, 2004

I have been in the market for a new HDTV and would like to upgrade my TV service. I am currently paying $40/month for analog cable service. The most important issue is price. The HD channels are not extremely important, but I wouldn't mind spending $5/month max for them. Also, a DVR is a must. This setup will be placed in my parents house, so the easier the better. My research lends me towards DirecTV over Dish Network and local cable wants to charge $55/month for a basic HDTV setup which is overpriced.

I am currently looking at:
1. DirecTV w/Tivo from for $50
2. Dish Network from for the 522/322 on the DHP.

It seems that Dish Network has a better deal on the equipment. A few more questions: Does the Tivo allow you to watch one channel and record the other like the 522? Should I go with the DHP or just a standard contract?

Additionally, we have a cottage up north. How does Dish Network/DirectTV check activated recievers? Is there any way I can have two out of three recievers on at a time by switching smartcards when I go to that TV? If so, could I take an activated smartcard up to the cottage if I install a dish of ebay?

Thanks for the info, any help would be appreciated!


Welcome to I am not too sure what you are asking. In one place you are asking about HD equipment and in another you are asking about SD equipment.

To be very general, Dish has two receivers that support HD, the 811 (non-dvr) and the 921 (DVR). DirectTV has a few non-dvr hd equipment and hd-TIVO which has not been released yet.

Read on the different forums for each one. The package options for new subscribers you need to decide for yourself which is better E*, D* or cable.

Do you have an HDTV? It is not clear from your posting if you do.

I do not know about your last question since E* or D* would not like you to have those receivers at a different address. Someone else might answer you question. Do read the different forums as you will find a lot more information.
I would wait to buy an HDTV and I tell you why. The prices are still dropping, the product is still improving, and there is a new type coming out that is going to be made by Intel that is supposed to reduce the cost and make the picture quality even better. This could be an interesting year for interesting changes in the ways tv's may be made and the prices could drop a bit more this year. I look for flat tv's to become the norm within the next couple three years at this rate for what you pay for a regular projection right now.
Smart cards are married to the receiver that Dish or Direct authorizes them to. The card cannot be moved from one receiver to another, but you can move the receiver from your house to your cottage. Just set up a seperate dish at the cottage.

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