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Feb 3, 2008
Just wanted to fire off an general thanks to the folks who have posted any information in this thread about getting OTA hooked up to a 722. I am in cleveland, and I am not pointed at 61.5 (where my locals in HD are) and my wife was not keen on a wing dish. From the info I was able to look through I was able to determine that I could get by with an inside HD antenna. I think the site was TV Fools? and there was another one that I saw. So 40 bucks later we are living the locals in HD dream.

For those folks in Cleveland who can watch their locals in HD, OMFG HD is not kind to Wilma Smith. Aparently time has not been kind either. YIKES!

If I could remember which posts helped the most I would ID those posters by name, alas I can't so I would again like to say thanks for the help.


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