The C-Band Chronicles: Motorola Speaks (1 Viewer)

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Dec 11, 2005
From, mediabiz

At last! We have word from Motorola regarding their plans regarding C-Band and that word is ... um ... well ... judge for yourself:

"Please note that Motorola is continuously working with our customers to deliver expectations and offerings that will meet our customers needs. Motorola operates the C-Band authorization center on a cost-recovery basis for the benefit of those who continue to utilize C-Band as a content delivery platform. As programmers move from C-Band to other distribution methods, costs on a per-user basis continue to rise. Motorola will continue to operate the Authorization Center until the remaining users no longer feel that it is an economically viable distribution strategy for their content."

On further inquiry, Motorola's spokeswoman would neither confirm nor deny that the company had promised to keep C-Band authorizations operating at least through the end of the year. So, hmm. What else?

We promised to tell the "other side of the story" and although there appear to be more sides than a hexaflexagon, we will try. On one side of the equation are those who blame the C-Band struggle on NPS. A sample of such comment comes from one reader who writes:

"The real question is "the commitment NPS has to the C-Band business," after supporting them in this business for over a decade. I have found some consumers indicating that NPS is trying to switch them to Dish Network and refusing to activate any new receivers. I find this troubling that the burden be put onto Motorola, when the discussion should be towards NPS’s commitment."

In response to such comments (and similar, less polite ones) Jon Pardieck, NPS CFO writes (in part): "This is appalling and far from the truth. NPS has been the back bone to C-Band for many many years.......we are and have been the only C-Band distributor to go to the expense (in excess of $100,000 per month) of re-uplinking multiple programs so our customers can continue to receive the programs they enjoyed watching."

Mr. Pardieck also notes that NPS is offering the DISH solution to its customers, saying "We feel this is a great offer to a C-Band customer who's current system is likely to be in jeopardy beyond 2010."

Finally, we also have some comments from those who believe that the press is complicit in a C-Band death beat. Writes Dr. Mull of Satellite Emporium:

"I contend one of the missing parts of 'the C-Band Saga's missing story' that you are not telling is that part you [and your colleagues] have always not told, and are still not telling. You find C-band worthy of your mention now during your deathwatch? ... It's been all about little dish since their inception. Even now... what's the buzz in little dish? Oh boy, might they get a la-carte, or not? My - oh - my, what shall the future hold? Such edge-of-the-seat riveting news! No mention at all, as usual, that C-Band was built on a la-carte, and in fact still has it!!"•
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Aug 29, 2007
Talk about a RAG...still not a word from anyone at SkyVision or SRL it's still just all about NPS.
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SatelliteGuys Guru
Mar 31, 2005
Southern WI
Well with or without 4DTV I'm keeping my big dish. I'll continue to subscribe as long as I can afford to but it works very well for FTA both C and Ku, also and I'm sure that FTA will continue for some time to come.
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