The CW, again - I thought it was moving from 91 W to 93 W but today it was only on 91 W?


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May 12, 2014
I thought the CW was supposed to be moving from 91 W to 93 W, so I tried to move my 91 dish to 93 today and got zilch on 4109H 15000 SR (using the settings on Lyngsat's page for G35). This was between 2 and 3 PM Eastern this afternoon. Has anyone else had a problem getting them during the daytime? I thought the 93 signal was supposed to be stronger than the 91 signal but I moved the dish in small increments and I am pretty sure I got almost over to 97 W and still got nothing. Finally went back to 91 and had no problem picking it up there.

Just out of curiosity, is anyone able to receive it on a 7.5 foot dish and if so, are you getting a good signal? I'm actually using a 10 foot dish but I have a 7.5 one that's not doing anything useful that I could maybe try on that satellite, assuming the signal is actually there.
Not sure if this will help but I am running a 7 1/2 footer.
On 91 I get 4084H21600 at 12.8-13.0db
I don't have 93W saved as a position. I input 4109H15000 into Signal Finder and bumped the ASC1 all the way from 91W to 97W. Not a blip of a signal found. This is at 5:30pm PT in California.

Good luck.

Thanks, at least I know I'm not the only one who is getting nothing there. I appreciate the response!
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