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Dec 15, 2006
One thing really irritates me about the guide....

there are many channels that give you no clue they are subscription or PPV until you select them. Then you say arggghhh and bring the guide back up to try another one.

Why don't they put some kind of indication that a channel is a subscription you don't have--or requires some additional $$ to see--like a different color text or a $ sign or whatever?

Better still, don't even display them in my guide if I can't view them.
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SatelliteGuys Master
Jan 2, 2006
Disney World
It would be neat if they put like a symbol based on the package, like they have on the "Channel Lineup" papers, that designate a "premium" channel vs a non-premium, Standard vs basic etc.

But I dont see it as a big deal for me personally, as I already know what I sub to and what I get, so I only look at those channels in the guide.,
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