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Nov 15, 2009
New Mexico
The numbers are a very good sign and hopefully more will come of this..

Have one question because of how the numbers are described. If the numbers are up by XXX amount, does that number include just the 410's or does it include the 920's and the 922's?

Sorry for the question it was just a little unclear to us
Thanks and we are a current 922 subscriber and will be adding a 410 in the next couple of months !!!!!!


"On the Air" in MI
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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
Agreed! "Awesome"...and proof that options are important to have...and competition is GOOD. So is choice. Thanks for the information! We'll be adding (2) more subs once Spring decides to come. It hasn't yet. Ice yesterday, still on all the landscape and station antennas


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Jul 16, 2004
The numbers look me anyway!

Are these numbers good?

Dishman Dan

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Jun 22, 2008
That's quite a jump in the numbers. Now if only we could get 1,000,000+..........

Each new sub is one more closer! ;)

With all of the pizza dripping on the 4DTV floor recently perhaps we should be posting

4DTV propaganda in the pizza shop! :eureka:

I am sure that we would pick up some subs that way! :D


On Vacation
Mar 9, 2007
We used that to receive for our weather EAS system, one time for our VHF "Marti" (remote) receive antenna.
One of our engineers uses it for Ham radio reception when he's in the building. Works well.

Those things are very broadbanded, like 50meg to 1.2ghz You can also transmit on 2 meters and get a good SWR with them. I used to play with all that stuff many years ago, had a Diamond discone.


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Mar 20, 2005
Gibsonia, PA
10,800 H2H subscribers is a good start, but a far cry from the big boys below:

Comcast: 23.8 million
DirecTV: 19.2 million
Dish Network: 14.3 million
Time Warner: 13 million
COX Communications: 5.3 million
Charter: 4.9 million
FIOS: 3.2 million
Cablevision: 3 million
Bright House: 2.3 million

Pizza has roughly 33.5 million subscribers total. We are going to need an awful lot of pizza drippings in order for H2H to succeed.


On Vacation
Mar 9, 2007
I found this article from 2004 about backyard C band dish owners that is very interesting: Channels a la Carte

Some very true facts in that article. I liked that part that said NPS wanted to be the last C band company around I guess this was before Mike got in bed with Charlie :rolleyes:

As far as alacart on pizza & cable. They won't let it happen there too greedy. C band alacart changed drastically when analog ended and that clause in the contract vaporised for the most part with digital contracts they say :mad:

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
One thing to remember is that Hits 2 Home also includes subscribers from small cable systems which use H2H. Some of those additions could be from those operators and not people converting.

800 is a nice start but I am not sure if thats even enough to pay for Mike Kohl's salery when all is said and done.

My big questionis how many active subs did NPS have before they shut down?
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