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Jan 27, 2008
southern California
So I was in my weekly tech meeting today and what do you know they FINALLY are releasing the Directv/TiVo box! It's pretty much an HR22 without the Directv DVR but with a TiVo instead. HOWEVER it will NOT be work with MRV but still functions like a normal receiver only with TiVo in it. Figured I'd share the news since this has been a long time coming and everybody always has a question on when it's coming and to kill all rumors :)
I had a Tivo but gave it up when I went back to Directv. I will keep my HR 24.


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Dec 9, 2008
I was really looking forward to the new tivo,until I learned it was based on the HR-22. The hr-22 is such a pos if I was directv i'd be ashamed.I have the hr-24 and at times its a slow pos as well,but it is still faster than the hr-22. I personally think directv intentionally put the new tivo on the pos hr-22 because they didnt want any competition. Now on the other board you will hear claims that all hr's are equal blah blah blah,but the 22 is without a doubt a pos.

For those that are so exicited on the new hd-gui be prepared for extremely buggy interface for a while. Just remember how buggy the hr-20 was when it came out it took months to get it stable. I figure it will hit the CE sometime next month ,and its suppose to go national in oct so unless D has been heavily testing it in-house.It wont be ready for primetime.
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