Two Receivers, one RG6

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Nov 19, 2006
Just had an HD upgrade. He installed the new 5 LNB dish and the H20 receiver. I still want to use my original (non HD) receiver on another TV. I told direct TV this so they left it active. The installer left in a hurry after he got my HD setup running and said just connect your old receiver to the other RG6 cable (there are 2 cables from the dish). Well the problem is after he left I discovered that one of the RG6 cables is dead. It is buried in the ground and I determined that it goes dead somewhere under my driveway.
Is there a way to run both receivers on the one good RG6??? In the spring I plan to run 2 new cables, but because they run under my driveway this is a major job that I would rather not get into now with winter coming. Is there an alternative in the meantime?
Each receiver need its own RG6 cable from the dish. There is a signal that gets sent back to the dish depending on which channel you are watching so each receiver needs its own cable.
If he left your old dish you can connect your standard receiver to that old dish just install it on the house next to the room with receiver and drop one cable.
Thanks for the reply's guys........

He did leave the old dish. I will try it on my roof and see if I can get a signal. There may be a tree issue in the summer, but between now and spring there are no leaves on the trees so I pretty sure I can get a signal. I may lose it in the spring but that is OK because at that point the good weather will be here and I will lay new direct burial cable.
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