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So, some things taking shape as they make adjustments during their first offseason. With Hasslet going to Washington to serve as DC, Jay Gruden has been named head coach of the Florida Tuskers.

The New York Sentinels has moved to Hartford, CT and will be renamed by the fans soon I think. When they made this official they also announced Chris Palmer as the coach and GM of the new franchise. He was formerly QB coach of the Giants, and preceeded Butch Davis and was 5-27 as coach of the Browns.
"Colonials" That is not that bad.

I would like to see this league become a "minor" league for the NFL, beats the hell out of the practice squad, but you should be able to protect your players from other teams signing them.
Unlike some sports leagues the UFL has a meaningful playoff system... the Tuskers just lost the 1 game that mattered the most :p, the fact that they won twice before just gives them less of an excuse and makes it more embarrassing. :D
UFL is expanding by two teams this year, they've just said they have a 'major announcement' from Omaha on Thursday, so looks like that will be one of the two new franchises.

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