Update on Sonicview 8000HD

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Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
Nooooo why would anyone want to steal anything from DN?
If I ever want to upgrade my receiver,I don't think Dish has a say what I do to it.
Dish may not be we sure as hell do here. As been mentioned here many many times we do not condone nor allow people to talk about stealing here at Satelliteguys. Plain and simple.

I just installed a DSS LNBF w/Scalar Ring for my Corotor 2 today as a UPGRADE.
Maybe DN will come after me because I installed a DSS LNBF w/Scalar Ring
with my Sonicview 8000 with my 10 footdish lol?

I am glad to see many more are buying HD receivers,I am sure we will be getting
lots of input on all the receivers.....JT

Lets quit with the crap here and get it back on topic. The fact remains, why would someone want the adapter to watch the HD demo channel if they are in deed legal? I've seen the demo channel on my 811 and yeah its cool...for a 1/2 hour then it starts repeating. Argue it all you want, but if someone buys the adapter most likely they are not getting it for just the HD demo channel....plain and simple.

Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
Well it looks like our friend Johnny won't be coming back anytime soon. A few of us figured he was on thin ice and sure enough he is. If you read his posts he keeps dodging the simple question

He was dumb enough to post a link to a hack site which I promptly removed because as I said in that post
removed the link....

cripes. What part of we don't want anything to do with people who steal can't some people understand? Yeah they have sooo much info (what is with the extra letters in words...what are you 12?) and it is all for the hacker WHICH WE DO NOT CONDONE HERE
Cripes I went there and the first topic is "Keys" which I assume aint the ones in my pocket

WE DO NOT CONDONE STEALING HERE plain and simple. Do not link to other sites like that

which he replied
Iceberg your right lets get off of stealing................

but he has since posted things that just didnt add up. Here is one of them
But you do have people on here think the lawyers are going to come after us lol,what fools.......
Its funny many people think the lawyers are coming after us.......

Why would he say that if he was legal?

but back to that website he posted. It was still logged in my cache. So for fun I went to it again and low and behold, looks like old Johnny is indeed stealing

hmm...lets see some of johnny's posts, shall we? (by the way he used the same user name there) (some of the info in the post removed for obvious reasons)

I will be getting my Sonicview 8000 sometime this week in the mail.
My question I have been trying to do some homework and learn abit with these programs without annoying you good people....

I have downloaded (a program to steal) there are all BLANKS to put Numbers in?
And when I hit GETKEYS it looks like the keys just pop up?Are these the UPDATED keys?I see that the dates are about a week old.And if these are the keys I would think this program would be the greatest....

How would I put these Keys into My Sonicview8000HD???
Is there a program already inside the 8000HD where I can just type them in?
Or do I have to download them into the 8000HD?
And if I have to download the (program) or just the numbers ,how would I do that?
I would like to put them if I have to on a USB Flashcard and then just put it into my 80000HD

Thanks for your time and I am still learning.....JohnnyT

It seems that brings up the lastest Keys
for both DN and BEV.
Ok I am starting to learn abit...
Where in the Sonicview8000HD willl I type in the keys?
Or do I have to download Software to put the keys in?
This is starting to get fun lol.....Thanks to all of you good folks...JohnnyT

hmm...keys? Last I checked the only keys we talk about here are ones we lose and let us into our house & operate the vehicle

I am glad that there is something in the Menu where I can put
the keys if I need them?

Hi where in the sonicviews menu can I change the KEYS.....

One person on another site says that you can only pickup
the PREVIEW station on Nimiq 2 without having to buy other hardware?(think they are useing the coolsat8000}
I will get the 8PSK Hd Module one of these days but as of now I just want
a few freebees lol.
hmm..lets see. That one person was either me or digiblur since we both mentioned it.

So see Johnny...we all knew you were a hacker but we just wanted to play you for a while and let you dig yourself deeper into a hole.

So one last time let me say it

buh bye
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