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Feb 4, 2015
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Alas I have no diseqc command reader, and also no receiver with a possibility to enter raw diseqc commands, so I cannot test this myself.
So I put my question on this forum.

I'm trying to make a raw diseqc USALS/GotoX calculator, outputting the raw diseqc GotoX-commands that belong to a calculated (modified) Hour Angle, in a HtoH motor setup.

Calculating the (modified) Hour Angle is no problem anymore, and also not converting the Hour Angle to Diseqc hex numbers, but finding the correct code for 'turn left (east)' and 'turn right (west)' is a problem for me.

The GotoX command always starts with E0 31 6E .., but then my confusion starts:

The eutelsat documents for a positioner mention 0, 1 and F for the direction east or west.

However in the dvbdream program I notice that two different ways are used to turn left or right from zero, for different diseqc motors:

motor:_______________________to the left (+ no. degrees)____________to the right (+ no. degrees)
STAB and SM3D12____________Ex xx_______________________________Dx xx
SG2100_______________________Ex xx_______________________________0x xx
Geotrack H120 and generic____Fx xx (counting back from FF FF)____0x xx

Would these differences implicate, that a receiver normally sends multiple GotoX-commands, to accommodate various motor types? I find that rather improbable.
So could someone maybe test with a diseqc reader, what raw diseqc USALS/GotoX command is actually sent by a receiver for a movement east of zero, and what command for a movement west of zero?
Are they 0, or D, (for west); and E, or F, (for east); as indicated in the table above? I would very much like to hear the answer!

What I don't find improbable, however, is that a motor IC could react to differently formatted diseqc commands, but I'm just assuming.
So could someone with a receiver with the possibility of inputting raw diseqc commands maybe test, if a STAB and/or a SG2100 reacts to both the Dx xx command, and the 0x xx command, for moving right (west)?

I hope to find the answers here!
(I tried to become a member at the dvbdream forum, but somehow I didn't succeed, so I cannot ask there....)


Edit: I tried to make the table proportional/readable again, as all the 'spaces' were left out in the post.
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I'm thinking from his post that is what he has been reading. ;)
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Well, yes, I've done reading. :)

On the eutelsat website Technical support - DiSEqC specifications - Eutelsat
is also a file 'positioner application note' (2 versions), that has a little bit on the GotoX (or Goto x.x*) command E0 31 6E xx xx.
However the documents are from 1998, and the desciption of command E0 31 6E is very incomplete; and mentions "Command byte ‘6E’ is not yet fully defined". :(
The eutelsat documentation has not been kept uptodate, alas.

The dvbdream program (see DVB Dream ) displays a raw diseqc command for any motor command given via that program. That is how I found out that they differentiate between the 3 types of motors for the 6E (GotoX) command.

As I didn't find the answer to my question on the internet, I thought it would be testing time...... but alas I lack the tools for these particular tests. :(

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Trust did some testing for me :).

He had a STAB lookalike INTERSTAR GI100, a SG2100, and a Technirotor 0000/1572,

and he tested the motor reactions to the GotoX-commands for going 5 degrees from zero; left or right:
left: E0 31 6E E0 50 and E0 31 6E FF B0
right: E0 31 6E D0 50 and E0 31 6E 00 50

The STAB only responded to only the ..D0 50 and ..E0 50 commands
the other motors to both kinds of commands.

So my assumption that a motor IC could react to differently formatted diseqc commands, is indeed true for some motors!
My guess now is that the 0 and the F are the old commands, from the early days of diseqc (mentioned in the above eutelsat document); and that STAB (or someone else) maybe introduced/developed the D and E command later?
The STAB motor doesn't have a backwards compatibility though, whereas the other motors do support both the old set and the new set of commands.
I guess the dvbdream program dates from a time that some motors responded only the old set of commands?

The D and E command seem to be the present standard, for the E0 31 6E command.
But I don't know if modern receivers also send the old commands, for backwards compatibility. Haven't seen that tested yet, with a diseqc reader....

Trust , Thank you for your help! Most informative! :)

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