Edision Ventilation Idea For Edision and Other Receivers


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May 17, 2007
The Edision Mio+ 4K satellite receiver sits pretty low. For improved ventilation and cooling,
I put self-adhesive small rubber feet directly on the original feet to raise the box up a bit.

I think it helps to facilitate better air flow and aids in an improved passive cooling solution.

IMG_20211119_155943 (2).jpg
IMG_20211119_155752 (2).jpg
No overheating issues. Just being prudent.

Just common sense ideas coming from an RF engineer and satellite design engineer and over 40 years in the electronics field.

As an amateur radio operator and electronic enthusiast too, I always make sure my electronics stay clean and dust free. Good ventilation prevents electronic component failures.

Just sharing…..hoping it helps.
I agree with the icester. "Receiver-on-a-chip" and all LNB power supplied from them.
Plus solder paste tech and easy bake oven processes.
Never had my Mio4k opened up (a rarity for any of my gadgets).
An old 5V phone charger and side discharge lappy fan blows under mine.
Other receivers have gotten a mini fan on top of the ROC heat sink and a display power tap.
170F down to 130F might make a difference.
Although I have one Mio that intermittently loses the horizontal polarity, neither of mine are barely even warm in operation.

In comparison, my Dish 211K receiver I previously used was really warm but never seemed to be a problem.
I do the same. either with self-adhesive feet, or strips of wood. Anything to boost the height. After all, why have vents on the bottom of receivers only to have low feet that don't allow a lot of ventilation. It is especially important if you have it stacked on top of another piece of electronic equipment (in my case, not another receiver, but a DVD recorder and a VCR, which doesn't get used). I even do it for my Shaw Direct receiver, which rests on the glass of my cabinet.

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