Verizon MiFi 4510L + AZBox Premium Plus WiFi {DISCUSSION}


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Apr 26, 2006
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Since I am moving, I have to shut down my Wild Blue satellite internet.

I had all my PCs and my AZBoxes connected through a Linksys wireless router, so I had the WiFi working for all AZBoxes previously.

However, I didn't want to reset my Wild Blue again and I can't just transfer it to my new location easily, so I opted to try the Verizon MiFi hotspot (which is a 4510L device). Works great with all my PCs. My AZBox sees it when searching for wireless connections and it knows what encryption I am using, but I just cannot get it to actually connect to the device.

Herb over on Rick's site is asking about the same issue. He and I have tried about nearly every option we can think of, according to his list of tests, and he cannot connect either. I can tell that the MiFi device and the AZBox are talking as the comm LED on the MiFi starts blinking when the AZBox is trying to connect to it, but the AZBox won't pass the connection.

I am using WPA2 personal/PSK (AES) encryption and the AZBox detects that encryption mode. I enter the proper network KEY that I set, but it won't connect to the internet. I have attempted to set the encryption to totally OPEN (no encryption at all) and it provides the same response as with encryption.

I have tried using DHCP and STATIC IP addressing, but neither option has functioned yet. There are options to select the 802.11 mode (g, b, b/g, b/g/n) and I have experimented with these settings, too. There are some settings for the MiFi that allow backwards compatibility with older devices under the WMM - multimedia setup. Tried that but it didn't help, either.

There is a method to set up the MiFi to function as a WAP. This I have NOT attempted yet as I haven't had the time during this move to get too involved in changing the MiFi settings (I am a little shy for fear of losing the internet connectivity for my PCs).

I can revert back to using my Linksys wireless router (and even though it is not connected to the internet any longer) the AZBox will connect to the router and I can connect to the AZBox with my PCs through that router. Therefore, I can verify that the AZBox's WiFi is still operational and I do have a method to work around the MiFi/AZBox non-connection during the interim, til I find a way if one exists.

I wanted to start this discussion to determine if anyone else has had any luck in connecting the AZBox to the Verizon MiFi (or at least a related WiFi hotspot device).
If you have a MiFi and an AZBox, please offer your personal findings here.

Thanks yall!


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Mar 19, 2010
I've only setup one MiFi deal so my knowledge of those is somewhat limited. However I do have a mobile broadband connection that serves the computers here in my house and shop. That service uses a Novatel Ovation MC727 USB data card and I have that connected to an MBR-1000 Cradlepoint wireless router that provides both 10/100 wired and Draft N wireless service. That setup will allow 9 wireless connections and I'm not sure how many wired connections as I have it daisy chained to and 8 port switch and a 4 port switch.

The MBR-1000 came off fleabay for $100 and the USB data card came with my 2 year contract with nTelos Wireless here in Virginia. Not sure how Verizon is with their service but nTelos has a 30 day trial period for anything they sell. If it was me, and I've had hands on with both, I'd take that MiFi deal back and go with USB Data card and a Cradlepoint Router.

Cradlepoint MBR1000 Wireless N Router (760492014380) | eBay

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