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  1. Xbox has opened up their digital Black Friday deals early for Gold members. There are tons of games on sale but the highlight for me is definitely Wolfenstein 2 for $30.

    Xbox Live Gold Members Can Now Get A Jump Start On Black Friday Savings

    PSN is also having early access to some of their Black Friday deals for PS Plus members. This early access list is much smaller than the Xbox list but it's still worth taking a look at.

    Early Access Black Friday Sale | Official PlayStation™Store US
  3. Destiny 2 is on sale on all platforms for $25.95 on Amazon. ATM the widget is saying the price is 50.99 but on Amazon itself it's $25.95 (unless you're reading this late and the sale expired)

  4. Price cut on PS4's and PSVR.
    Looks like Black Friday prices are coming back.

    Tis the Season to Play: New December Deals for PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR Systems

  5. If anyone ends up taking advantage of one of these deals on a new PS4 there is also a sale on digital games happening for The Game Awards. Many of these prices are the same as the Black Friday prices.
    The Game Awards Sale | Official PlayStation™Store US

    Steam is also having a Game Awards sale.
    The Game Awards 2017

    and so is Xbox Live.
    Game Awards Sale | Xbox
  6. No Man's Sky is in a Game Awards Sale???
    :eeek :crowdbounce:eeek
  7. There's a whole bunch of stuff that isn't really applicable. Hell, Warframe Currency is on sale.
  8. I know that No Man's Sky isn't really worthy of any big awards. I was curious why it was included so I did a google search and found out that it won Most Anticipated Game at 2015's The Game Awards. I'm not sure why this category even exists. It's basically an award for which company is best at building hype. I can't imagine anything like this existing at the Oscars.

    Warframe was nominated this year for Best Ongoing Game. This is how they describe this category:

    "Awarded to a game for outstanding development of ongoing content that evolves the player experience over time."

    Overwatch ended up winning this category which makes sense to me. Warframe is a game that has never really been on my radar so it's surprising to me that it was included but the nominees are made by votes from all the major video game outlets so clearly it had some pretty good support.

    You can view the full list of this year's nominees and winners here.
    Awards - The Game Awards
  9. GoG is having their Winter Sale, going on until the 26th (2 weeks.) You can also get Grim Fandango Remastered for Free. There's also a few more new games on GOG Connect that you can get as well (For a limited time)

    The Winter Sale •

    On a side note, in case you haven't learned already, this is more proof that there's NO reason to buy Double Fine games at launch or even at 50% off, because they will eventually be free, heavily discounted (75%+), or part of a Humble Bundle.
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