We broke 3,000 Users!

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
Wow last week when I checked how many members we have here at SatelliteGuys.US last Thursday that number was 2,875. As I look today we now have over 3,107 registered members!

A big welcome to all who have joined us recently!

SatelliteGuys.US went online on September 7, 2003 and now 5 months later we have already broke the 3,000 member mark!

SatelliteGuys strives to bring you the best satellite news talk and information available anywhere on the Internet, we are proud to offer you features found on no other satellite information site!

Thanks for helping us grow so big so fast! And thank you to our pub members for making this all possible!

Welcome to SatelliteGuys
Wow we just broke two more milestones as well!

We broke the 7,000 threads milestong with Threads: 7,009
And we also broke the 50,000 posts milestone with Posts: 50,083

More good things are coming to SatelliteGuys.US! Stay tuned and thanks again!
Congrats Scott!!

Congrats to all the Moderators as well!!

Keep up the good job
Hey I will have VOOM soon. :)

Speaking of VOOM, soon we will be having some VOOM Giveaways!

I am really proud of our VOOM area. Other sites have VOOM areas with no talk, I noticed one today who posted old news from yesterday and made it seem like it was breaking news. :)

Our VOOM area kicks butt. :D

Again VOOM giveaways are coming Stay Tuned!!

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