Hughes Pushes IPoS For Broadband Over Satellite

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Sep 8, 2003
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March 4, 2004 (10:22 a.m. EST)
By John Walko ,

London -- Broadband satellite provider Hughes Network Systems, Inc. has thrown its weight behind the Internet Protocol over Satellite (IPoS) standard for transmitting broadband over satellite.
The IPoS standard was ratified by the Telecommunications Industry Association late last year, and Hughes has created a forum to promote adoption of the standard.

Hughes will start a multi-tiered licensing program available to industry applications and systems providers. Licensing will run from royalty-free technical documentation to the licensing of technology and technical support.

The company said it has received endorsements and support for IPoS from firms such as Intel, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. It stressed the importance for the industry to rally round an open standard to encourage growth of broadband delivery over satellite. To date most providers have deployed equipment working to proprietary IP-based broadband specifications for satellite delivery.

There is a competing standard, developed by the DVB Forum - DVB-RCS, or digital video broadcast - return channel via satellite. Other network providers are keen to develop this further for high-speed data delivery. However, Hughes said IPoS is the only specification optimized for delivering broadband over satellite channels.

In support of the technology, Hughes said IPoS has become the most widely used and proven standard, implemented in approximately 300,000 terminals worldwide.

Executives also stressed that IPoS is cost effective. Its SI-SAP (Satellite Independent Service Access Point) open interface yields a low-cost terminal architecture that's optimized for satellite transmission, and enables the development of "plug-and-play" applications such as VPNs, VoIP, distance learning or video conferencing.

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