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Scott Greczkowski

Welcome HOME!
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Sep 7, 2003
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Welcome back!

First off let me apologize for the amount of time we were down, it took a little longer then I expected. Its been a long day for me as my day started at 3:30am.

We have finished the software upgrade and have added a bunch of new forums!

And while most of the work was done this evening, its still not 100% done yet.

First about the new "Prime Time" forums...

A few months ago in our Pub Members (supporters) forum I came up with an idea to allow our members to create their own forums discussing their favorite televisions shows! It was one I wanted to move on but couldn't due to some software limitations.

Because of the limitations I thought I would need to redesign the styles used to make these new features work. After some brain storming I figure out how to make it work without changing the styles!

The new "Prime Time" forums are sorted by Networks and soon we will allow for our supporers to apply to become the moderator of their own forum for their favorite TV show! We here at SatelliteGuys will give our members the ball and the ability to make thier own fan forum for their favorite show, how far they take that ball is up to them.!

I don't believe this idea has been done anywhere else, and its one I am proud of!

Now as far as our "Prime Time" forums go we are in phase 1. Tonight the anchor forums were made and we have started moving posts from the old network forum in to the correct areas. This will take a few days and we will probably only move the last 6 month to a year into the correct network area. The rememainder of the messages will be placed into our archive since they have not been added to in quite some time.

We have added a Viral Video forum where you can share your favorite YouTube videos with other SatelliteGuys members! Currently only YouTube videos are supposed but based on your suggestions we can expand the video support to other providers as well.

Another forum I personally am excited about is the "Internet Radio" forum, this one will let you talk abou upcoming echnology from services such as Slacker Radio, Pandora, Live365 and other internet radio services!

This is only the start, Rome was not built in a day.

Later this week I will post some exciting news regarding the DirecTV Cutting Edge (CE) Program. Look for some new forums to support the CE program plus some other surprises to come!

I thank you all for your support and for all the great ideas you send over. It is because of your support and suggestions that we are America's Most Popular Satellite & Home Theater Site!

MORE TO COME! (But now its time for me to get to bed... been a long day!) :)

Speed is fine here as well.

Also server loads and page generation are lower now then they were before I upgraded the software.
Yeah, looks like I spoke too soon. Maybe it was a local problem. Just found out that my girlfriend was replicating a huge database over the same wireless connection. Working good now. Sorry to ring the alarm bells Scott. :eek:
Everything seems great now. But I have to ask... why individual network forums instead of a single Broadcast Network Programming? To me the networks are all interchangeable and programming discussions usually break into comparisons of shows from all over the broadcast spectrum.

Just wondering.

Great work Scott!

See ya
Can't wait til the show forums are up. :D
Just wanted to update things...

As I said last night this is a work in progress and I have been getting some great feedback from members and staff on the changes plus some ideas for some new things.

I will be making some aditional adjustments tonight based on this feedback!

If you have any ideas or suggestions please PM me and I will propose them to the rest of the staff as well.

BTW a number of members asked me if we will be installing the vBulletin Bug Tracker software in our DirecTV CE Program forum. The answer to this is no. This was something we suggested to DirecTV a few months ago and they felt that such a software was unnecessary.

You can find out more about this software at http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/project.php

However with that said we ARE planning on using that software later this year for another project we will be beta testing. It is something we are excited about. We should be able to release full details on this later on in the year.

Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff.
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