What Res. are OTA Channels?


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Mar 15, 2004
Does anyone know what resolution we are watching when OTA channels broadcast in HD in the evenings mostly....like the major networks cbs, nbc, abc........or is every local channel in every city different?

Is there a min. standard? :)
every station is different. some are in 1080i and others on 720p. check attennaweb.com or the local channel's website about their HD.
Right now Fox is 480 "wide" sometimes (varies I or P per station sending). Note there are some anomalies, so check local broadcasters. There is also variation in how non-HD material is "upconverted" including format and framing.
Well you guys are lucky.....of the three OTA's I can recieve (CBS, Fox, and PBS) The one that supposedly has some HD programming (CBS) just piggybacks their analog signal onto their digital transmitter (I e-mailed them and they say probably 2 more years till they get the HD equipment)

ABC and NBC aren't even transmitting a strong enogh signal to get the 15 miles from the tower to my house

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