What satellite is this?

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Sep 25, 2005
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I was playing with my new meter today and stopped on what I thought was SES2 at 87W.

A scan revealed an encrypted mux called "Cruisesat" containing mainly Turner channels (CNN US, CNNI Latin America, CNN Espanol etc) but also some sports channels including Bein Sports, ESPN, ESPN 2 and SEC Network.

3849 H 13501

It seems to be about 4-6 degrees to the east of SES2, which would put it right around 83W, but I don't see and likely C-band satellite. Any ideas?


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Feb 10, 2008
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Yeah, like Magic said, Arsat 2 @ 81.0W. That MUX is H.265 HEVC (but not 4K) so you'll need a receiver that supports H.265 to get any video if it goes ITC again. Some other receivers will scan the channels as radio and play the audio if it's not encrypted.
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