Whats for breakfast?

Discussion in 'What's Cooking?' started by Van, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Ham Sandwich, Orange Juice, Coffee
  2. Couple of donuts and Kona coffee...
  3. Bacon, egg & cheese sandwich ... Apple Juice.
  4. Macadamia nut pancakes, bacon, Kona coffee...
  5. Blueberry Pancakes, Coffee
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  6. Bacon & egg sandwich ... Apple Juice.
  7. Two bacon cheese burgers, curly garlic fries, Kona coffee...
  8. Cheese, taco meat omelet...Apple Juice
  9. Wife Alyce and I having crab omelette's, corned beef hash, bacon, Portuguese sausage, hash browns, toast and Kona coffee at "Eggs n Things" in downtown Honolulu, right down the road from the Hyatt Regency, very convenient location from where were staying at..
  10. Hot cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk.
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  11. Strawberry Pancakes, Coffee
  12. Lobster omelette, bacon, hash browns, toast, Kona coffee for me. Spinach omelette, crispy calamari, ham, rice, toast, Kona coffee for Alyce here at "Eggs n Things" in downtown Honolulu...
  13. Strawberry Pancakes, Coffee
  14. Local deluxe, chicken nuggets, Kona coffee X-2 at McDonald's at Honolulu International Airport...
  15. Scrambled eggs w tomato, onion, green chile, toast, Orange Juice, Coffee
  16. Oatmeal Pancakes w Strawberries, Orange Juice, Coffee
  17. Bacon & egg sandwich... Apple juice
  18. Strawberry Pancakes, Coffee
  19. Scrambled eggs, Toast, Orange Juice, Coffee
  20. Bacon & egg sandwich... Apple Cider