Whats for breakfast?

Discussion in 'What's Cooking?' started by Van, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Scrambled eggs & hash browns topped with corned beef hash ... Apple Juice.
  2. Pancakes, bacon, spam, Kona coffee...
  3. Scrambled eggs, Toast, Orange Juice, Coffee
  4. Got a new Breville waffle maker Saturday. Made blueberry waffles Sunday morning. Yum!
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  5. Strawberry Pancakes, Coffee
  6. Scrambled eggs, toast, Orange Juice, Coffee
  7. Bacon, egg & cheese sandwich ... Apple Juice (w/pulp)
  8. Scrambled eggs, bacon, corned beef hash, rice, toast, Kona coffee...
  9. Wife Alyce and I at "Ken's House of Pancakes" in Hilo. I'm having the chicken fried steak and macadamia nut pancakes. She's having the "Local Deluxe" breakfast...
  10. Hot Sausage & Bell Pepper, Mushroom Omelet... Apple Juice.
  11. Wife Alyce made bacon/cheese omelettes, corned beef hash, Portuguese sausage, hash browns, toast and Kona coffee. We were gonna eat out on the balcony but changed our minds. The smoke odor from the fire 9 floors below us is still freakn strong...
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  12. Bacon& egg sandwich... Apple Juice
  13. Alyce and I at "Eggs n Things " in downtown Honolulu. I'm having the spam/cheese omelette, hash browns, bacon, chicken nuggets, Portuguese sausage, toast, Kona coffee. She's having the crab omelette, rice, corned beef hash, bacon, toast, Kona coffee...
  14. Strawberry Pancakes, Coffee
  15. Scrambled eggs, bell peppers & mushrooms... Apple juice
  16. Burrito made from... Apple juice
  17. Wife, son and I at Eggs n Things in downtown Honolulu. I'm having the chicken fried steak, curly fries and Kona coffee. She's having the same except for a side order of Mac salad, Kona coffee. Son having scrambled eggs, bacon, spam, Portuguese sausage, rice, toast, Kona coffee...
  18. Bell Pepper, Mushroom omelet, sausage... Apple Juice.
  19. Bacon, eggs over fresh grated hash browns and corned beef hash ... apple juice.
  20. Strawberry Pancakes, Coffee