Whats for breakfast?

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  1. Bacon & eggs over easy ... Apple Juice.
  3. Scrambled eggs, Toast, Orange Juice,Coffee
  4. Sausage & eggs over easy... Apple juice
  5. Again ...
  6. Bacon, eggs over easy on top of fresh grated hash browns cooked w/ diced mushrooms & bell peppers... Apple Juice
  7. Buttermilk, bell pepper, mushroom omelet w/sausage & hash browns ... Apple Juice.
  8. Sausage & eggs over easy... Apple Juice
  9. While you are heaving your breakfast, this side of the pond I already had my supper ;) TGIF it is :bow IMG_20170825_150831 (Large).jpg
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  10. Bacon & eggs over easy...Apple juice
  11. Scrambled eggs with buttermilk, diced bell peppers & mushrooms, sausage... Apple Juice.
  12. Beans cooked overnight with red & green chiles, bacon & hot links... Apple Juice.
  13. Bacon and cheese omelette, rice, Portuguese sausage, toast, Kona coffee...
  14. Bacon & sausage, eggs over easy... Apple juice
  15. Sausage & eggs over easy, buttermilk biscuit ... Apple Juice.
  16. Otra vez ...
  17. Bacon & egg sandwich... Apple Juice
  18. Scrambled eggs, spam, bacon, hash browns, toast, Kona coffee...
  19. Hot Roast Beef & Cheddar sandwich made from the oven roasted Chuck Roast I made last night
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  20. French toast w/ maple syrup ... Apple Juice.
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  21. Venison stew (leftover from dinner), Punaluu sweet rolls, bacon, Kona coffee...