What's For Lunch?

Cooked chicken breast in instant pot with small can of pineapple juice, shredded.
Add diced hatch green chiles, can of mushroom soup, gave 1 minute high psi.
Corn tortillas dipped in mix after letting self release, add shredded queso fresco and sharp cheddar... Sweet Tea
About a half pound of cubed chuck roast mixed with 3 thick slices of bacon(cooked 5 minutes in air fryer)then in freezer with some butter cubes. Pulled after 15 minutes, ran thru grinder (salt & pepper before)and made 1 decent patty. Cooked in air fryer for 10 minutes flipping mid way. Really good juicy burger! Sweet Tea chaser.
Rest of meat put in food saver bag for future use...
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Chips and salsa to start. chili relleno, chicken enchilada, red and green chile, beef taco, beans and rice, sopaipillas with honey. Iced tea.
Something tells me I'm skipping dinner tonight. :)

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