Where is the 2017 4K sports content?

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  1. My guide shows CFB this Saturday and next Saturday plus horse racing on 10/15 on channel 106.
  3. Talking about this link: Upcoming Events in 4K
  4. You really expect DIRECTV to keep their web site up to date?:confused: They haven't done so in the past and I wouldn't expect them to do it in the future.
  5. No I don't. But they've updated this page all year. At the very least, give us SOMETHING. We're paying for it.
  6. I called Directv and they don’t even know what’s coming up for live 4k. I can’t believe they don’t update that page. It’s very frustrating.
  7. The communications from DIRECTV went from bad to worse once AT&T took over.
  8. You just were unable to get to the correct people.
  9. I open a chat request just to fulfill some kind of sick humor each day. These turds have no clue what's going on- you have to almost feel bad for them. "I have escalated to our internal programming team". They can never answer a direct question, just stock canned responses that help no one. My issue has been "escalated" 3 times now. I even pointed out the false advertising of 4K MLB playoffs on Facebook- literally no response to this. It's really sad that the only way to get any kind of sane, logical answer about ANYTHING, you have to call the department that handles customers who want to leave. Nice customer service. They used to be excellent.
  10. What cheat code do I have to enter on my touch tone phone to reach the "correct" people when calling CUSTOMER SERVICE?
  11. At this point, you may be chatting with low-cost AT&T bots!
  12. You have to get OUT of the first level people and sometimes the second as well.
  13. Page is **finally** updated!

    Major League Baseball (check local listings for broadcast times)

    10/16 – MLB Postseason ALCS Game 3

    10/17 – MLB Postseason ALCS Game 4

    National Basketball Association

    10/23 – Toronto vs San Antonio, 8:30pm ET

    10/31 – Oklahoma vs Milwaukee, 8:00pm ET

    College Football
    10/7 – Kansas State vs Texas, 7:00pm ET
    10/14 – Baylor vs Oklahoma, 3:00pm ET
    10/21 – Teams TBD, 3:30pm ET
    10/28 – Teams TBD, 3:00pm ET

    English Premier League Soccer
    10/14 – Liverpool vs Manchester United, 7:30am ET
    10/22 – Tottenham vs Liverpool, 11:00 am ET
    10/28 – Manchester United vs Tottenham, 7:30 am ET (Channel 105)

    Other Live Events
    10/15 – Pattison Canadian International,5:30pm ET
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  14. This is incorrect.
    Oklahoma plays Texas on 10-14 (tomorrow) Red River Shootout.
  15. Still no NHL :(
  16. NBA is coming up though. I suspect they will add NHL later, as the Canadian providers are doing it. Too bad they couldn't order a fiber link from Rodgers Sportsnet or TSN for 4K events, or just uplink it. This is probably a contractual issue. :hungry for some hockey in 4K!
  17. With the way most major ISPs are (I get 200Mb down) why aren't providers looking at offering 4K streaming instead? It would seem like an easier proposition to distribute. Amazon, Netflix all do it, and do it well.
  18. The 14th is the date listed, unless they went in and edited it ...
  19. 4K TEST

    Channel 106 shows this exciting show coming up at 5pm PT!!!!!