Which DVR should I get?

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Dec 5, 2006
Hey guys.

I just got a nice HDTV (Thanks for the price mistake Circuit City!!!), and ended up getting the Hi-Def package to compliment it. I called and they gave me the Hi-Def receiver etc. I had to keep my Series2 D* Tivo so that I could still record (only SD obviously).

Here is the question. I LOVE TiVo, and I hear nothing but bad things about the D* DVR (specifically the SD one). I am considering buying a HD D* Tivo from eBay, but I know that D*'s relationship with TiVo won't be but for a couple more years either. So I guess the question is:

Do I buy the D* HD receiver (HR20-700 or is there an even newer model coming out?)? Is this a good receiver compared to the D* SD one? My installer told me that this also has the equivilant of the TiVo HMO, is this true as well?


Do I buy a HD D* Tivo from eBay (new). Pay a little more but have a box that I love even though it may only be a paperweight in a few years (plus I don't think this one has the HMO either).

Let me know! :)

Please reply by conversation.

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