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Oct 13, 2006
The install at the house is as follows:
A SWIM system with whole house DVR setup. There are three HD DVR(s) and eight HD receivers.
I am using an iPad Generation I with the DirecTV app. This app is great but having some questions about the apps ability and potential. The app can control the three HD DVR in the system but cannot control the H24-200 receivers.
The HD-DVR equipment
Each of these have their unique name for the work and have IP address.
Each of these have the DECA installed.
I can view content on each of the HR units and control it.

There are 5 H24-200 models that do not have DECA's (from all information they are not needed). Each one has their own unique name for the system. Each one has an IP address and each one can be pinged from a computer in the router system.
Each one I can view the LIST content of the three DVR's in the system.
My issue is the iPad does not see these units. In the lower left corner of the iPad DirecTV app the only receivers presented are the HD-DVR's. None of the H24-200 receivers are showing up on the app, there is a REMOTE button on the app and I was hoping to change the channel via the iPad app and since the receivers are not showing up on the app I cannot due this option.

Will the iPad DirecTV app control the H24-200 units? I stated the services on each of the receivers. I noticed on the receivers at some point that an <202> code shows up.

Hope there is enough information and someone has a solution.

Tampa Satman


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Feb 6, 2007
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You have to manually enter the IP address from each H24 into the ipad app it will control them.

Been a while since I set mine up but, I think if you go to the settings menu for the app it tells you exactly what to do.
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