Why don't AM21 stations match Zap2It.Com? (1 Viewer)

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May 1, 2008
Hi All - Posted this question on the D* forum, but got no response, so I thought I'd try here...

Just set up my new AM21 OTA receiver atop my HR21 receiver. I get OTA digital channels clearly from 3 different cities/markets when rotating the antenna. From reviewing info on the AM21, I understood that it allowed entry of two zip codes for programming OTA stations during setup. I understood from other postings that the AM21 uses the Tribune database (at http://www.zap2it.com) to retrieve channel listings. Before purchasing the AM21, I found two locations/zip codes on zap2it.com that lie in between the 3 markets sufficiently so that zap2it.com shows that all stations from all 3 cities/markets are receivable by antenna from those locations. Perfect, I thought, and so I ordered the AM21.

After setting up the AM21, I was sorely disappointed to find that the AM21 does NOT follow the receivable station listings by antenna as shown on zap2it.com. Instead, it just picks one market (really, only the DMA) where each zip code resides. Thus, I cannot apparently program in all of my stations into my AM21. Seriously disappointing - I relied on others' postings (which I thought seemed accurate) and zap2it.com's results, and thought I was fine.

Does anyone know why the AM21's receivable station listing doesn't match what is shown as receivable by antenna in a given zip code on zap2it.com? I would either need the AM21 to match zap2it.com, or a 3rd market option during setup. Anyone else have this problem? Any chance that DirecTv will either add a 3rd market option or match the AM21 stations to zap2it.com? Thanks in advance for any comments...
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Sep 7, 2003
Dripping Springs, TX
I'd recommend e-mail DirecTV and ask them since IMHO any answer here on this question would be a guess.


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Apr 3, 2005
Central Michigan
The hr20 / am21 does not scan the air, it uses a list of channels for the zip codes entered setup by D*.

Nothing can be done to get you the third market on an am21. Choose which two you want most :(
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