Wii shipments by chain


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This is a rumor but it makes sense.


Source: http://www.wiiloaded.com/wiinews-3082
Hmm. I'm surprised Toys R Us gets such a huge chunk of the allocation. Now is this the initial batch or how much scheduled before the end of the year?
Initial shipment. Toys R Us is being rewarded for featuring the Wii as one of the must have toys in their ads.
Adding up all those figures, that means they will ship 4.8 million units on launch day?????

If true, they will blow away 360 and ps3 in the units sold department, assuming they are all snapped up...

Bundles? We don't need no stee-inkin' bundles!
Good, hopefully I can get one at Wal-Mart if needbe. I wouldn't think the McKinney Wal-Mart would sell out that quickly of them.

I was just told I'm going to have wait because Christmas decorations and presents for everyone else have to come first.

Oh well, I guess I'll be sure to get one sometime next year.
I'm still shocked at the number.

360 had 400,000 supposedly available on launch day, ditto for PS3 according to reports.

Wii is planning on having TWELVE times those amounts??!!??
I thought those 600k numbers represent the totals each company will get this year...

That's the same thing I initially thought. But if you add up all the units that each chain is getting you get 600k. Which so happens to match the 600k on the right, which could possibly be the 60% of North America units.
Ah, the dangers of ASSUMING..... That last column was unclear at first glance...

Even so, 600,000 is still 50% more than 360 had at launch, and should be at least 50% more than Sony can produce based on current projections..

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