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Sep 8, 2003
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WorldSport HD on VOOM Review...

I had VOOM for three days and all I have seen is Soccer from Spain. At this point, I do not know whether is the same game or not. There is a game that was taped October 18th, 2003 that is showing now. The PG states that there should be some dog competition and Japanese World Series Game 4 but instead there is always Soccer. I hope I can catch something other than Soccer this long weekend...


Some of the Soccer Matches: (compiled from 1/22/04 - 2/29/04)

Don't know yet when it was played:
*Barcelona vs. Deportivo (Taped) ------February 11: 6:00AM, 12:00PM
February 13: 11:00AM February 17: 8:00PM February 20: 6:00AM

*Played on 2/4/04 Spanish Cup, First Semifinal February 22: 6:00AM, 6:00PM

*will be Played on 2/22/04 Barcelona vs. Valencia February 22: 12:00PM, 2:00PM, 4:00PM February 23: 8:00PM NEW

*Real Madrid vs. Valencia (Sports) (Taped)HDTV
February 8: 2:00AM February 14: 9:00AM, 12:00PM, 2:00PM, 4:00PM, 9:00PM February 15: 3:00AM, 9:00AM, 12:00PM, 2:00PM, 4:00PM, 6:00PM, 9:00PM February 16: 3:00AM February 23: 5:00PM

*Spanish Soccer : Sevilla vs. Real Madrid (Sports) (Taped)HDTV
February 10: 3:30AM February 12: 9:30AM February 16: 3:30PM
February 19: 1:30AM February 23: 11:30AM

*Racing vs. Real Madrid (Sports) (Taped)HDTV
February 10: 1:00AM February 12: 7:00AM February 16: 1:00PM
February 18: 11:00PM February 23: 9:00AM

*Deportivo vs. Racing (Sports) (Taped)HDTV February 11: 12:30AM
February 13: 6:30AM February 17: 3:30PM February 20: 1:00AM
February 24: 2:00PM

*Murcia vs. Real Madrid (Sports) (Taped)HDTV February 10: 10:00PM
February 13: 4:00AM February 17: 1:30PM February 19: 11:00PM
February 24: 12:00PM

*Barcelona vs. Valladolid (Sports) (Taped)HDTV February 24: 2:00AM

*Real Madrid vs. Malaga (Sports) (Taped)HDTV February 21: 8:00AM, 8:00PM
February 22: 2:00AM February 23: 10:00PM

* Albacete vs. Real Madrid (Sports) HDTV February 10: 6:00AM
February 12: 12:00PM February 16: 6:00PM February 19: 4:00AM
February 23: 2:00PM

*WorldSport-HD: Soccer : UEFA Cup: Inter Milan vs. Sochaux (Sports) Third-round match. (Taped) (probably played 2/26/04?), 2/26/04 12:00PM, 2:00PM, 4:00PM NEW

*FC Barcelona vs. Valladolid (Sports) (Taped) February 17: 3:00AM
February 19: 1:00PM February 26: 10:00AM

  1. 02/29/04 --- Real Madrid vs Celta de Vigo ------ Live 2/29/04 at 12pm?
  2. 02/26/04 --- UEFA Cup: Inter Milan vs. Sochaux NEW
  3. 02/21/04 --- Valencia vs Barcelona ------------Next Live game on 2/21/04 NEW
  4. 02/18/04 --- Portugal vs. England . Preparation for the Euro 2004 - Friendly LIVE on 2/18/04 Final Score 1-1
  5. 02/15/04 --- Real Madrid vs Valencia --- *Live on 2/15/04 NEW Final Score 1-1
  6. 02/11/04 --- Spanish Cup, Second Semifinal Live on 2/11 at 3:00PM & R 2/22 at 8am NEW
  7. 02/07/04 --- Reald Madrid vs Malaga-------------NEW Final Score 2-1 Real Madrid
  8. 02/04/04 --- Spanish Cup, First Semifinal Real Madrid vs Sevilla ---- NEW Final Score 2-0 Real Madrid
  9. 02/01/04 --- Albacete vs Barcelona------------------ *NEW Live on 02/01/04 Final Score 5-0 Barcelona
  10. 01/24/04 --- Real Madrid vs. Villarreal---------------- NEW
  11. 01/20/04 --- Atletico Madrid vs Sevilla -------------- NEW
  12. 01/28/04 --- Valencia vs Real Madrid Quarter Final Second Leg Copa del Rey * NEW Final Score 1-2 Real Madrid
  13. 01/21/04 --- Valencia vs Real Madrid Quarter Final First Leg Copa del Rey * NEW Final Score 3-0 Real Madrid
  14. 01/18/04 --- Deportivo vs Zarazoga------------------
  15. 01/17/04 --- Athletic Bilbao vs. FC Barcelona---------
  16. 01/13/04 --- Eibar vs Real Madrid (3rd Round Second Leg Copa del Rey) *NEW Final Score 2-0 Real Madrid
  17. 01/11/04 --- Barcelona vs. Zaragoza-----------------
  18. 01/11/04 --- Deportivo vs. Racing--------------------
  19. 01/03/04 --- Murcia vs Real Madrid------------------- Final Score 1-0 Real Madrid
  20. 12/20/03 --- Sevilla vs Valencia----------------------
  21. 12/14/03 --- Deportivo la Coruna vs Real Madrid------- Final Score 2-1 Real Madrid
  22. 12/06/03 --- FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid------------- Final Score 1-2 Real Madrid
  23. 12/03/03 --- Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid----------- Final Score 2-0 Real Madrid
  24. 11/30/03 --- FC Barcelona vs Valladolid---------------
  25. 11/23/03 --- Albacete vs Real Madrid-----------------
  26. 11/09/03 --- Real Madrid vs Sevilla-------------------
  27. 11/01/03 --- Athletic de Bilbao vs. Real Madrid--------- Final Score 3-0 Real Madrid
  28. 10/25/03 --- Racing Santander vs Real Madrid-------- Final Score 3-1 Real Madrid
  29. 10/18/03 --- Barcelona vs Deportivo ----- ---------- Final Score 0-2 Deportivo
  30. 10/05/03 --- Real Madrid vs Espanyol---------------- Final Score 2-1 Real Madrid
  31. 09/27/03 --- Real Madrid vs Valencia----------------- Final Score 2-0 Valencia
  32. 09/21/03 --- Malaga vs Real Madrid------------------
  33. 09/20/03 --- Barcelona vs Osasuna------------------ Final Score 1-1
  34. 09/13/03 --- Real Madrid vs Valladolid---------------- Final Score 7-2 Real Madrid

R = Repeat.
New = Premiere.
* I have seen on WorldSport.
Sean, what's wrong with soccer? I wish v* gets GOL-TV in HD :)

I guess I am not a big Fan of Soccer. I can watch some but all the time. I need to see some other sport to change the routine...
AndyMon said:
Sean, what's wrong with soccer? I wish v* gets GOL-TV in HD :)

I guess I am not a big Fan of Soccer. I can watch some but all the time. I need to see some other sport to change the routine...

I guess I am not a big Fan of Soccer. I can watch some but all the time. I need to see some other sport to change the routine...
Sean Mota said:
AndyMon said:
Sean, what's wrong with soccer? I wish v* gets GOL-TV in HD :)

I guess I am not a big Fan of Soccer. I can watch some but all the time. I need to see some other sport to change the routine...

I guess I am not a big Fan of Soccer. I can watch some but all the time. I need to see some other sport to change the routine...
Hey, how did your reply get into my post? Weird stuff......
More Soccer...

So all I watched has been Soccer. Let me say that the narrator of Soccer is no other than Steve Cangialosi. Remember him! He does a very good job and gets into the game very emotionally like if he was transmitting the game from the stadium. Another difference between these Soccer games and MLS in HDnet is that the crowd entices you to watch the game. The crowd is loud and emotional as opposed to MLS in HDnet were there stadium is empty and there is no noise. Here there is no empty seat and the crowd is loud. Andymon would love to see these games. Another thing, it will be fantastic if they can get some recent games. Here are some pics.


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Finally, I got to watch something other than Soccer (sort of!). The PG still incorrect and does not show the proper shows. I turned to it and a program called "Play 16x9" was showing. It was quite an interested show. Amazing PQ and the content was a lot of fun. I got to see relay racing, motorcycle soccer (Germany), Balloon Racing (Alburquerque, Ohio), Tomato Fight (Spain), KickBoxing (Indonesia), Bull Racing (don't remember where), PATO, (Argentina Soccer). Everything looked like it was video HD as opposed to a tape transfer to HD. Amazing programming!! No 4x3 shots which it was great!! Going back to watch more 16x9...
Japanese Baseball looks like is on for about 8 hours today. The games are fantastic looking... How about all that dirt without grass in the infield?
These Japenese baseball games are very good. If we start getting regular games closer to date, it will be excellent!
Two things that are very different from MLB. Take a look at the infield (all dirt) and look at the fences that separate the fans from the baseball field. John Corn, I do not think you would like to see this type of infield. One more thing to note is that fans are loud and noisy from inining one until the game finishes. They have energy for these games...Unlike MLB games were the fans will only make noise if the team is in a rally or the baseball people tell them to cheer and make noise. Here is not necessary people are loud and cheerful...


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The commentators just mentioned that it's only the 3rd inning and it feels like if it was extra-inning already from the loud noise, cheers, and singing of the baseball fans. They seem to be in the game all the time whether it is the visiting team or the home team.
Worldsport-HD: Spanish Soccer HD Live?

According to, on 2/1/04 at 6am, there will be a Spanish Soccer game televised live. The match: "Spanish Soccer : Albacete vs. Barcelona (Sports) (Live)HDTV". Now, if you go ahead you will find the same event for the entire day. I do not know what that means.

I checked this site: for the Schedule for 2/1/04. Guess what there is a match between Barcelona vs Albacete (don't know if the order means anything). I could not find the time of the match but may be some who is more sophisticated at Soccer can find out. Right now this is just speculation and I do not see how this could be done live given the time difference but it is food for thought and maybe it is possible. :)

click on ticketing...

Jueves, 22 de enero de 2004
21:30 - Iniciar la compra

Domingo, 01 de febrero de 2004
19:00 - Iniciar la compra

Domingo, 15 de febrero de 2004
17:00 - Iniciar la compra

Don't think 1900 tranlslates to 6AM in any U.S. timezone.
I think 19:00 will translate to 6pm their time zone. Anybody knows what the time difference is between spain and U.S.?
Sean Mota said:
I think 19:00 will translate to 6pm their time zone. Anybody knows what the time difference is between spain and U.S.?
From spain to you on the east coast should be 5 hours earlier, so 6 pm thier time would be 1 in the afternoon for you sean
...wait 1900 is it would be 2pm your time
....Yeah what I was thinking about 1900? So if it is 2pm, then Zap2it might be wrong about this being a live event since it starts at 6am eastern time. I am not putting my hopes to high on this one and we'll see what happens on 2/1/04
These Soccer matches are becoming very interested. Unfortunately, I have not followed them very closely. I have seen matches from October, September, November, December and January. There is no information in the PG about the date of each match and Zap2it does not help you either. The only way to know the date is to actually see the match at the beginning of the game when the date is displayed. If you are watching some of these games, please post the date and the match that you saw. For example, 1/04 Real Madrid vs Murcia and so on... I like to know how far behind the games are... Please post here and then I will update the list in the first post of the thread. Thanks.
I have been sitting on the fence so far for Voom.

If this game is shown live then I will likely do the deal.

Lived in Madrid for 5 years; 3 blocks from Bernabau stadium, home of Real Madrid.
compiled a list of games shown from 1/22/04 - 1/31/04 at the first post of this thread. As you can see there is a game that is being shown that was played on the 18th of this month and all of the games are from the 2003-2004 season. I do not know yet when the next games are but will try to find out.
According to the game starts at 1pm LIVE! I have checked the schedule games and this is the first time Albacet and Barcelona meet in a match up. If this is really live, it will be cool... :cool:
For what is worth. If you advance the PG to Sunday at 1pm, this game is listed. It does not specify whether it will be live or taped. All indications so far indicate that it will be live unless it happens to be a game from a previous season. Let's see as this will be a great feast before the Superbowl.