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Mar 24, 2004
I'm not one to post, but after following here for the last month, calling for the new lease service, installation occurring seamlessly today (Boston) and spending the last 5 hours in utter amazement, I felt I should post my first impressions. In short, D* is gone in about 5 minutes. Regardless of any shortcomings, this service is well worth any amount of money. The picture, sound, features and service (Walt from Shrewsbury) are incredible. I might quit my job and stay home to watch TV all day.

Thanks to all for a months worth of anonymous info and advice.

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On my 36" Direct View HD & MY 27" S Video SD TV The SD Channels Are As Good As Directv. On My 2 HD Projectors As Long As You Keep The Black Bars On The Side Its OK .
Lem how big a set do you have?? my sd looks better then directv's on my 65",but honestly any sd i go upstairs and watch on a smaller 32' sony vega it's always been better for Sat signals SD. If yours is a large set try shrinking the picture(no stretch)
Remember, SD can look pretty bad with 480i. Be sure to view SD in either 1080i or 480p. The latter is my favorite, but I have to get up and hit that blasted red button (it's not on the remote!).
Non 480i looks better than Dish Network SD in my opinion. It is crisper/sharper, though it sometimes has some pixelization. And it varies by channel (as it did with Dish).

When I first started wathching in SD and compared it to Dish, I thought dish was better. But now it seems Vooms SD is looking better than Dish's.

Now get me USA & SciFi and I can cancel Dish :)


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