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Dec 23, 2011
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Happy New Year....

I have the Apple ecosystem in my home and Xfinity. I was curious as to if there were any rumors about Xfinity releasing the Xfinity streaming App on the Apple TV? I really don't want to purchase Firesticks because I have 3 Apple Tv's now.


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Apr 3, 2005
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They were beta testing a Roku app that they intend to charge a monthly fee for after it rolls out. I think at that point their plan is to expand to Apple and other streaming boxes. The kicker is their model is to charge a per-box fee similar to a receiver charge monthly. Haven't heard much about it in a while though.

XFINITY Stream Beta App on Roku FAQs


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May 5, 2007
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One of the disadvantages of the ATV is that the content delivery people too often seem satisfied to have their customers stream through their phones or tablets and treat the ATV like a gold-plated Chromecast. I think the TV app count is currently at 65 services and some of those are pretty anemic (especially the Amazon app).

When it comes to Comcast and platforms, rest assured that whatever they say they're going to do, it won't happen for years, if at all.

Remember the Comcast - TiVo agreement? It dragged on longer than DIRECTV's HMC and ultimately never surfaced.

I recall that the X3 was supposed to be out by now and my market still only offers the X1 without the option of external storage.

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