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    FTA Only?

    It is not an introductory price. It is not mentioned a lot on the Dish web site, but here is a link to a reference in the FlexTV docs: There is more information over in the Dish forum. If a person finds their equipment used...
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    FTA Only?

    I have Dish's Welcome Pack for $9.99 that includes 20 channels plus their free public interest channels. It includes HGTV & TLC that my wife likes and AMC that I like as well. A decent selection of pay TV for $9.99 IMHO and if you get a Dish DVR 501 or 508 (not 510) you get basic DVR...
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    Three Plead Guilty in Satellite TV Hacking Case

    Circular or linear doesn't really matter when the signal is unencrypted. There is nothing wrong with watching in the clear content on circular.
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    KLBS1 Sadoun band stacked Linear KU band Single LNBF

    My guess is the 22khz on enables bandstack mode. I'm thinking 22khz off would leave it in normal voltage switched mode. So just plugging it in it will "just work" as a normal LNBF. The 22khz has to switch something or there's no point, so that's my guess. :)
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    Quick Emergency question: 97.0W which is the EPG channel?

    Event Information Table (EIT) data is rarely sent for FTA channels. I think Globecast is one of the rare exceptions since they are a DTH provider so they have some incentive to provide EIT for their customers. A tool like TSReader can be used (with compatible hardware) to see whether any EIT...
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    DvbWorld DVB-S2 HD 2104 USB BOX

    Sadoun seems to carry it. You can ask if he will ship to your location. DVB-S2 USB BOX2104C WorldDVB* DVBWorld USB HD Satellite Receiver
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    Bye Bye NPS

    Would you pay $3 each and every day for bad tasting coffee? Perhaps stale or overly compressed coffee? Coffee that was nothing like the coffee you could get for free if you put up an aerial? Coffee that looks horrible with the tiniest motion from swirling the cup around? Coffee with...
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    question about Irdeto and Viaccess

    It is very expensive for 1 channel, but it is potentially the cheapest way to get Setanta if that is the channel you want. I pay $10/month for Dish's Welcome Pack, primarily for HGTV & TLC. That's $5/channel more or less. Still seems expensive to me for channels laden with ads, but it is the...
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    Tele-Culture showing I Love Lucy

    Is it only on the left or right channel? It could be they are using them separately. Their audio seems like it is always a lot louder than the other channels so I'm not surprised if it is messed up in a new way. :)
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    Twinhan Visionplus 1020a issues

    I would imagine this is due to the card needing to be mapped into the 32bit address space for I/O or memory buffers. When you limit to 4095 RAM it will all be within 32bit address space. There might be a way to tell Windows to keep this specific driver's resources below 4GB. Search for pci...
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    Tele-Culture showing I Love Lucy

    Pretty much every movie I have seen on Kuwait KTV2 has been in English with Arabic sub-titles.
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    Updated DVB-S2 channel list for North America

    Nobody has published a full DVB-S2/8PSK transponder list, even though DVB-S2/8PSK blindscan receivers have been around for months now. So there is no readily available list of all DVB-S2 transponders other than Lyngsat information. HD is available on normal DVB-S QPSK, it doesn't require...
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    Coolsat 5000

    I agree the firmware isn't able to decrypt the signal. The sticky point is the firmware is attempting to decrypt really hard, it is just failing. I don't know if that attempt is a legal problem, but look at the Viewsat guy. Even if you avoid DBS sats completely any nagravision you pass on...
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    Coolsat 5000

    In this case "they" is whomever is compiling this bug-fixed firmware without any of the hackware bits.
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    In the mood to make something, linear Dish 500

    Sweet, that truck has radar! ;) Nice looking setup for little dish action. Regarding Smith,P.'s question about micro-adjusting elevation, can the threaded feet be used to tweak elevation a bit more finely than the dish adjustment allows? I know it bumps it out of level but might help on a...