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    Hopper 3 Not Available in my area

    I've also been told twice by chat and on the phone that it's not available in my area. I inquired as to when I can expect the cable to be run from the satellite to my house, but they couldn't give me an ETA. I guess until the cable is in place from high-earth orbit to my dish, I'm just out of...
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    Search Defaults - Program Guide Only?

    That's a good idea, lucky86. Thanks for the suggestion! I retired my Harmony, but maybe that was premature ;) I'm amazed by this oversight. I guess at a minimum it would make sense for this to be a really quick switch. A color-coded button to quickly cycle through the guide, on-demand or...
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    Search Defaults - Program Guide Only?

    Does anyone know if you can set the search feature to always search the program guide ONLY, by default? I hate that it always searches my DVR - I know what's on my DVR, I want to know what's not. I know I can click Filters, scroll down and choose Program Guide, but it's a lot of button...
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    BBMP ON 922

    I think you're greatly overestimating the value of having a 922, that or underestimating the disappointment. The best thing that could possibly happen when trying to get dish service would be the unavailability of the 922 and its empty promises...
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    What do I lose if I switch from 722 to 922?

    If you love Dish, you will lose that love. I can't believe I'm at directv right now picking out my equipment. I never thought I'd leave, but the 922 and Dish' handling of it has driven me to hating the company. That's what I lost when I "upgraded"..well, that and $200 cash.
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    Sorry to say I am leaving Dish after 11 years

    Probably because many of us were once extremely happy with Dish and had an unusually gratifying relationship with a service provider..which has been turning to sh*t. The fact that they have a presence on these forums also lends itself to the hope that somebody that cares might take note of how...
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    Sorry to say I am leaving Dish after 11 years

    I'm about to leave as well. For me however, it is over the 922. I just can't get past the feeling that I was duped. I could have had a second 722 at no charge (and a free sling when all was said and done)and instead paid $200 extra for the cream of the crop and it's been a total turd. My...
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    922 Upgrades Temporarily Unavailable

    It just keeps piling on with the 922. I feel duped. I get the feeling I bought the betamax when I could have had the VCR for free.
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    S115 Scheduled for Wednesday

    I hope it was free. I can't believe I paid $200 to downgrade my 722..$89 would have landed me a working sling box and the blockbuster app :D
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    Fox Soccer & Fox Soccer Plus moved??

    I'm really glad this was resolved. I was ready to jump shipt as soon as the MLS season was over, since I have direct kick. I, like some others literally ONLY have TV to watch soccer. To already have to pay the premium to get the channel and then have it stripped of HD would have been a...
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    Fox Soccer & Fox Soccer Plus moved??

    My productive chat with Dish support. My how they have gone down the tubes lately. Super-technical problems aside, it used to be such a pleasure contacting them when I had to. They did that one little thing that makes such a huge difference in support - they listened. Now? not so much...
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    Fox Soccer & Fox Soccer Plus moved??

    Same here. That's the only reason I pay for the tier. I'm a bit irate about my guide as well. So you're moving the channels around. It is completely unacceptable to replace every programs information with an announcement that the channel is moving. WTF are you thinking Dish? I hope I'm...
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    922 Sling Issues?

    Mine works fine, when I don't need it I've had nothing but issues with my sling player. I test it from time to time, and it always works but has NEVER worked when I actually wanted to use it. Stuck in an airport or hotel trying to stream to my computer while my wife watches something...
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    On the contrary, in addition to not carrying many matches in HD, last year the botched it so bad I got it for half price. Matches starting thirty minutes in, randomly stopping..the first weeks were a disaster. But, at least they have it. One of a small number of reasons I can think of to own...
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    Every year. Also get top 250 just to get FSC. Shocking I know.