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    Only International

    Ohh gotcha, now I got it, thanks. You think when I call to cancel I could convince the customer loyalty department to waive that requirement? Because $47 (w/ DVR) to watch only three channels is a bit outrageous for me and I do have other options for international programming.
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    Only International

    Hmm I'm a little confused about this $10 for Int'l basic. The international package I have is 3 south Asian channels for $30. What does that have to do with this basic int'l package?
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    Only International

    Haven't posted in years but looks like I'm going to be canceling my American programming (AT 120+) and just keeping my international with DVR. I was wondering if they still had that additional fee for international if you don't have American? Also, would my American DVR shows still be accessible...
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    Late start recording Criminal Minds Wed. 4/11

    I had a similar problem with my 625. I usually record 24 on A&E in the mornings at 7 but earlier this week it recorded about 25 minutes late. So for the next day I set it to record 30 minutes early just in case it happened again but its been working fine the last couple of days. First time that...
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    Syntax Olevia Lcd tv

    I had the same issue when I got my olevia about a year ago. Syntax says any code under RCA, YAMAHA, LG, or Philips will work. But you have to try several codes before getting full functions such as being able to change inputs. For me, I tried many codes that worked but it took a while before...
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    Themes/Search/Sports Inaccurate

    Not exactly on subject, but does anyone know why they won't let us customize the themes search to just subscribed channels? I mean what's the point when you search for movies and all you get is PPV and HBO stuff. Since most other things can be chosen as "all sub" you should be able to do that...
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    Default Recording Option

    Every time I select a program that is on more than once (everything except sports), the default for the timer is set to record all episodes. I don't find this a big deal but most of my family forget about this and just want to record that one episode. It seems that everything else can be set to...
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    Have NBR on 50x series!

    You guys should put a question mark after the title of the thread instead of an exclamation point, it will confuse people thinking that there really is NBR on 5xx receivers.
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    DISH Network(TM) Video On Demand Platform to Feature Special ABC Programs

    I'm not sure about today, but can't you just press "3" after pressing "DVR", and then you'll see all the choices, but there wasn't any as of yesterday when I last checked.
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    switch to live mode?

    Yea but you can still rewind back to where you were before you swapped.
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    Is Dish Bored?

    Comcast should do the same thing by posting pictures of the guy who installed the dish on top of the basketball hoop.
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    Dvr 625 Hd

    The only way it will stop making the noise is if you unplug it so it will be completely turned off. The noise of the Hd is completely normal so you don't have to worry about it. After a while you should get used to it.
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    Have to power off vip622 at night????

    Well I'm sort of confused. When you guys mean "off" do you mean pressing power on the remote control in SAT mode or actually pressing down the power button on the receiver?
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    942 recording issue

    Yea that happened to me once on my 625.
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    625 Skip Buttons after L291

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could decide how much the skip intervals were? Would it really be that difficult to change 30 sec. forward to 25 sec. and then turn it back whenver you want?