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    HD Channels

    As the number of owners of HDTV's climbs so will the HD broadcast content offered. Networks hoping to survive in a competitive world will lose viewers without providing increased HD broadcasting. Whether the Cable or Satellite providers are able to keep pace by having the necessary bandwidth...
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    Sd Pq

    There'll still be SD just a lot less.
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    New Channels Next Week?

    Since many of these networks are still not broadcasting a lot of their programs in HD I guess most of us would welcome more HD content from the networks over how many channels are capable of displaying HD. Now that would be progress.
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    Will Directv give free HD locals ?

    They can! Just simply raise the monthly base subscription cost accordingly and tell you HD locals are included "free". Come on get real. Anyone you pay a fee to for service is not giving you anything for free it is included in the cost. Advertisers love pople like yourself who think otherwise.:D
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    How much HD CONTENT are we getting?

    !sadroll I guess you don't know Vurbano very well.:rolleyes:
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    How much HD CONTENT are we getting?

    Absolutely amazing! I have been visiting these forums for a few years now and all the constant rant was more HD. Now that there is more HD (which will continue to grow) we are seeing arguments for dropping HD. It just proves forums are the breeding ground of whiners. But I guess that comes as...
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    Sci-fi Hd Wow!!!

    There are hundreds of experts in our "Satellite Guys" forum ranks. Just ask em.:hatsoff:
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    So now dates for the next set of HD stations?

    So where did all the whiners, snifflers and conspiracy theorists and naysayers from last week go?
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    Missing B-Band Converter...

    Why don't you order the free ones and get that going. If you find one locally for sale and don't want to wait then you'll have spares.
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    I'm getting several sports channels in "HD" now on D*

    These are not HD broadcasts. Stretched SD but no HD in the 600 series YET
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    Compensation for the Directv Lies?

    One has to wonder what ranting, raving, babbling, nonsensical childish immature prattle will flow from his keyboard after October 1st (along with his trademark periods)................:D
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    Compensation for the Directv Lies?

    I often wondered where those who have no life gathered. Now I know. Another great mystery of life solved.
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    Compensation for the Directv Lies?

    Unfortunately that's the thought process of the clueless who have no knowledge or understanding of tort law or what is involved or the grounds for such action. DTV's appropriate answer to this kind of foolish statement would be "Go ahead sue! There is no legal standing or foundation." :D In...
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    Very dissapointed in D*

    "In September" is the company's "Official" public statement, and not some interpretation of a CSR response posted in a forum. The month has 30 days not 19. If Oct 1st comes with no expansion then everyones' complaining has validity.:up
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    Very dissapointed in D*

    The official voice of the company is its public information and promotions officer. The CRS's are certainly not the official voice of any major corporation. To believe otherwise is foolhardy at best. They are low paid worker bee's who are under allot of pressure from callers and who are...