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    New Pricing Chart

    any changes in price of dish hd absolute?
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    Lost HD on reactivated receiver

    did all of the above. went through it all again with directv troubleshooting. they are sending a replacement receiver. thanks for all the help.
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    Lost HD on reactivated receiver

    yes. came with the install. could the receiver be bad?
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    Lost HD on reactivated receiver

    i thought with a swm i do not need the bbc's. Am i wrong?
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    Lost HD on reactivated receiver

    I recently activated a HR-21 700 receiver and i get all sd channels but no Hd channels. My setup is two Hr-21 coming from slimline-3s (SWM) going through a 4 way splitter to the receivers. The other Hr-21 receives HD and Sd fine, when i check the sat signals the one receiver sees the 101, 99 ...
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    Apple IPAD Owner's Thread

    don, did you try
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    Apple IPAD Owner's Thread

    i am tethering my ipad to my rooted droid.
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    Apple IPAD Owner's Thread

    anyone know what the return policy is for the ipad at best buy an if there is a restocking fee?
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    No New HD for these cities?

    actually sd locals are on 110. i am in Bradford, Pa and did my own eastern arc install. I am getting signals in the 50-60 range fron 61 and 72 and about 40 from 77 sat. Also i am puling in the 110 sat from a dish 500 going into the eastern arc lnb in port. Pajer
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    Whats the best Media Player up to date?

    i have been reading quite a bit on the popbox and the boxee. they are both supposed to be out soon.
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    Options to Receive New HD Channels

    I too have a 2 dish setup. Originally i had a dish 1000+ to pick up 110,119,118{129 too low in sky and causes los problems and can't get a signal) and i had 61.5 dish for hd. they are taking pittsburgh hd locals off of 118 and have them on 129 which i cant get so i moved to buffalo for hd locals...
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    Repoint a Dish 500 to 61.5/72.7?

    i am using the original dish 1000 with two dpp singles and picking up 61.5/72.7 just fine strenght of 60 on the 61.5 and strength of 40 on the 72.7. aldo have the dish 1000+ pulling in the 110/199 with all going to a dpp 44 switch.los is too low foe129 with an elevation of 20. i did try a dish...
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    urgent Action Required

    i got the same letter for the pittsburgh hd locals which currently are from the 118 sat. only problem is i live in the johnsown/altoona dma and "moved" to the pittsburgh dma cause the johnstown/altoona hd quality sucks/
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    Droid or i pod Touch?

    pdanet available in android market. i have the droid and love it. I had the samsung omnia prior and the droid is so much more usable. I just have the 30.00 data plan and pdanet works great tethering to my laptop and also works with bluetooth with my ipod touch. Pajer
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    FREE Center Ice due to Versus contract Dispute

    just called directv and asked about the status of versus. csr stated they are still working on it. He immediately offered to add nhl center ice for free for the entire season. i have never had center ice before. just checked and yes there was a full charge and full credit for center ice on my...