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    I ordered one of these...

    Scott: I could possibly be persuaded to take a peek at your dish. I live in Killingly nowadays so its not that far to head your way, and I regularly have to move and adjust 4.5m dishes, yours should be a piece of cake.
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    DSR-4200V's were used by TVGuide for their on-screen guide "TV Guide Channel". They are converting away from the old setup of the 4200V and Pentium 2 computers to something newer, and headend techs are probably offloading the "old" equipment on ebay now. I know I have two of them sitting next...
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    Can the DSR-4410 do DVB-S ?

    I know this is an old thread, but the DSR-4402x, DSR-4410, and DSR-4410MD units can all do DVB-S and the 4410MD's can also do DVB-S2. Motorola only allows Digicipher encryption, so it will only do unencrypted feeds, or pass an encrypted feed to an external decoder.
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    What kind of dish is this?

    The big one (that Greg mentioned) is a simulsat. Used to pick up the entire clarke belt, viewable in the US. The smaller ones, are for credit card data, as mentioned previously. I believe they all use horizontal polarity, so they use the big wide dishes to increase the gain for that polarity...
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    FTA? missing channels on the same sat

    I also work in a Cable Headend.. And you are correct, the 4402 would not lock on to that carrier for anything, so I swapped in a 9828 (which is way overkill, but I could not get the 9223s i had around to kick over)
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    FTA? missing channels on the same sat

    My receiver found the TP as 3774mhz @3.007mbs, when I changed it to 3777 @1.860mbs, it locked right on.. Now, if I can only get the DSR-4402x to do the same thing...
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    The Bronx is Burning

    Parts of that show were recorded behind my house, sometime last year. I have yet to watch any of it, however.. I suppose I should to see if I see my house.
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    PS3's Does ANYBODY still want one?

    Speaking of Connecticut supply.. heres an odd one for you. My Playstation 2 died the other day.. I dont want to lay down $500 for a PS3 quite yet, so I am on the hunt for a new PS2.. I go to Best Buy, sold out.... I go to Gamestop, sold out.... I go to the other Gamestop... sold...
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    LOL, some hacker tried to IM me today..

    Yes, that is why I DCed, otherwise, I would not have had an IP to go by. Funny thing is, he accepted it without question...... even after I told him that I was going to report him. :D And thank you Ice, for the Welcome.. its been a long time ;) Unfortunately, I moved again, and I...
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    LOL, some hacker tried to IM me today..

    Its been a long while since I have been here.. how has everyone been? Today, I was greeted to a new trick.. I had someone use AOL Instant Messenger to ask me how to steal dish network. He went by the name of "AkaJJ21" and is apparently an AOL user (I have his IP logged) [19:44] AkaJJ21...
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    Is there Japaness Program in US on FTA channel?

    Isnt the PAS9 one on a European beam? or is that a hemisphere beam...? (too lazy to look up lyng)
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    Is there Japaness Program in US on FTA channel?

    TV Japan is kind like an old Omnibus channel, they air a bit of Wowow, NHK, and another network (which name escapes me at the moment) and some english language Japanese news.
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    CableCARD and Satellite Sercive

    A quote that in and of itself is full of speculation ("probably via 1394") I agree with HDTVFanAtic.. it seems as if Kryspy is trying to find every bit of drivel on any so-called "article" to try to prove me wrong here on a long dead thread. I am not the stubborn one here, Krys.. I let this...
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    Foreign Transaction Fee

    My Bank of America debit account does not.. Nor does my E-count online account... I it has always been the accurate price for days conversion rate.
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    DSR 530 Problem

    Conclusion: Reciever needs a rehit. Just call *C or your Broker and have them send a rehit to the reciever. No big deal.