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    Weird Thing I found

    I found this weird looking dish that says EZ Dish never seen one of these things before whats it used for and can it be used for anything FTA?
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    Traxis receivers?????

    3500 is good has blind scan thats a must if this hobby.The one I have is a Traxis 4500 no blind scan.still they are nice low budget receiver
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    PSB / FTA Announcement

    WOW thats a stunner.Good Luck Pete.Thanks for all the help
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    Does your receiver have blind scan?

    nope mine doesn't Traxis 4500
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    Do you have C-Band, KU band or both?

    juts KU for now unless I win that C-band dish (hint Hint) hehe
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    What FTA Channel is your Favorite?

    I like them all. mainly watch the RTN's and Kbs channels on G10 watch some of the spanish stations even tho my Spanish is bad still interesting to watch.Do check out to see what movie White Springs is showing if its interesting will watch that.
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    ENTER HERE TO WIN: Sadoun Meter giveaway!(Contest Over)

    Trick or Treat! Give me something good to eat. Give me candy. Give me cake. Give me that signal meter kit for goodness sakes.!!!!!
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    Box With The "Best" Picture

    I like the picture on my Traxis 4500.
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    ENTER HERE: Win a C Band Dish & LNB from SatelliteAV!(Contest Over)

    Honey, Could you come here for a minute want to ask you something Her:What is it this time? Me:Well come here and let me tell you Her:Ok.I'm here. Me:Good ,Honey the satellite site I belong to is giving away a 8ft C-band dish for free for the best essay Her:I don't want to here about that we...
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    What is it with some people??

    its funny its always the women complaining didn't see any of their husbands or any of the men of the neighborhood complaining
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    what size dish to buy?

    Womens LIB came they do it to the guys
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    Do you have a separate dish for G10?

    Well for now I have only 1 Dish thats stationary that I'm locked on to G10 and IA-7 I plan on getting another larger dish and a motor for the other satellites.that I am able to point at.Since I live in KY.have to point between Hills
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    LNBF information

    Oh ok learn something new everyday Thanks
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    LNBF information

    ok thanks
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    Private forums or looks like it

    I get that everytime I log biggy to me.But I did notie a weird thing tho if I use the '''''''' key in the FTA forums a find box pops up at the bottom of the screen