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  1. Joe Satellite Fan

    211K vs Wally, which uses less power?

    Thanks, that's quite a difference. And I'll take a look at the Pathway!
  2. Joe Satellite Fan

    211K vs Wally, which uses less power?

    I just bought a newer smaller RV and want to do some Boondocking. Which uses less electricity? I already have the 211K (owned) but the Wally has a smaller footprint (so I've read) which is an advantage. Planning on getting the Wingard 7000 (never going to have 2 TVs).
  3. Joe Satellite Fan

    Replace Hopper 2 to Hopper 3. Cost?

    Thanks for all the information. I actually have the Hopper with sling ... and I have two of them. I just bought my first 4k HD television after reading on Dish's website that have lots of 4k programming. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me ... well you know how that goes.
  4. Joe Satellite Fan

    Replace Hopper 2 to Hopper 3. Cost?

    I have a Hopper 2 (it works fine) and I want to upgrade to the Hopper 3. Primarily for 4K. Any one know just what is involved as far as fees, etc.
  5. Joe Satellite Fan

    How to set up manual tuners on HWS.

    I used to use the DVR button 4 times and then green button. That no longer works. Anyone have any idea how I can set up manual timers since the update? I'm still on U234 right now.
  6. Joe Satellite Fan

    Anyone have Hopper with sling that works?

    I have 2 HWS. One in the living room and one in the bedroom. I decided to test the update, so did it to the one in the bedroom. As for the update, I don't really care for it, it makes a lot of stuff interesting, but not enough that if I had known, I wouldn't have done it. My biggest beef...
  7. Joe Satellite Fan

    HWS vs H3

    I also got the carbon on one of my HWS (Bedroom Hopper ... BH). I'm definitely not a fan. Not only having to relearn many simple chores but one big issue that I used all the time. I frequently record programs on one Hopper (Living room Hopper ... LRH ... which has not been updated ... yet)...
  8. Joe Satellite Fan

    Hopper unable to handle 2 dish remotes

    Ditto, I have a 5.0 remote and it works just fine with IR mode with my Hopper WS.
  9. Joe Satellite Fan

    Favorites Channels Default

    Even stranger, I have 2 HWS and after the last update one of them reverts to the all channels and the other always is on whatever favorite list I left it on. Go figure.
  10. Joe Satellite Fan

    dishstandsbyyou gives you a great credit for fox dispute

    I just got the email indicating a $50 "refund". Went to Dish site and my payment due was reduced by $50.
  11. Joe Satellite Fan

    Thinking of bundling Dish internet (DSL) and TV

    Well, when I called up Centurylink, threatening to switch, the agent told me flat out that they provide the service for Dish. But, I got a killer deal to remain with Centurylink. $14.99 a month for DSL. Guess I won't switch!
  12. Joe Satellite Fan

    Replace Hopper Internal Drive?

    Dish will definitely replace your owned Hopper. I have the protection plan and I've never been charged a fee to replace a bad receiver. Go through DIRT, they get things done quicker and you don't have to convince a dish "expert" that "yup, the hard drive is bad".
  13. Joe Satellite Fan

    Thinking of bundling Dish internet (DSL) and TV

    I've had Dish for TV service for many years (1997 or so). Considering the new DSL service, but there are too many unknowns for me to just jump right in: 1. If my modem can't be used, they lease me one ... can't find anywhere what that cost will be. 2. Has anybody gotten hooked up and was...
  14. Joe Satellite Fan

    Hopper With Sling S515 Update Is Here

    I'm still on S506 also ...
  15. Joe Satellite Fan

    CBS stations return to DISH

    I was at my neighbor's house the other day watching his Direct TV, he gets the Denver channels and there was a CBS spot saying Dish is going to lose CBS, urging them (Dish customers) to call Dish and tell them to settle. I live in Palisade, Colorado and get my locals out of Grand Junction ...
  16. Joe Satellite Fan

    Hopper with 211 question

    You can add the 211s if they are purchased. I do that in my camper all the time.
  17. Joe Satellite Fan

    301d reciever replacement

    That's "IF" they got it right the first time. I've had a lot of issues with Dish showing an owned receiver as leased.
  18. Joe Satellite Fan

    PIP Question: Can I watch two network stations at the same time?

    No problem, I do it every Sunday ... NFL and NASCAR
  19. Joe Satellite Fan

    Hopper Loses Resume Function

    Ummm, I do that all the time, but go about it differently than you do. I just use the pip. Pause one and then switch. Once done (but if you're using pip, why not just watch "side by side"), when you switch back, just restart. This time of the year, I do that virtually every Sunday ... NFL...
  20. Joe Satellite Fan

    2 HWS on 1 account

    I have 2 HWS and a 211.
  21. Joe Satellite Fan

    FS2 now in HD

    Well, I just went on and I'm not getting it in HD. I've got the 250 package, and when checking "favorites" it shows up in both SD and HD. I picked both, only the SD shows up.
  22. Joe Satellite Fan

    Question about RS Net (ROOT)

    Thinking about downgrading one package (currently have Top 250) and nowhere in the channel lineups can I find if Regional Sports Network is available on ANY of the packages. I know I don't pay extra for them, but can't find it listed under any package. So, what's the scoop?
  23. Joe Satellite Fan

    RV Technology

    If you can afford it, the Trav'ler is the way to go. No, it's not in a dome, but actually has a lower profile that a dome unit when stowed, ready for travel. And it's totally remote controlled, just push a button and it locks on. No problem with Hopper/Joeys. I don't think a Super Joey would...
  24. Joe Satellite Fan

    Watching Sports on RS Net (ROOT), can't access guide

    Called CS and, guess what? Problem solved ... good news ... bad news. Initial simple fix was to change from "Joes" to All channels. Bingo, everything was back to like it was. Then I went back to "Joes" and it was still messed up. Only fix was to delete all my favorites on "Joes". :-(...
  25. Joe Satellite Fan

    Watching Sports on RS Net (ROOT), can't access guide

    Additional info. Everything is normal on the Joey, but I guess one would expect that. Bummer to run to bedroom just so I know what is on tv tonight.