3D in 2012 -- May send me to DirecTv


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May 5, 2007
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Reminds me of VOOM, the content was so great the the issue was the same thing being shown over and over and over again. N3D and 3NET have some great shows but it has the same problem VOOM had.
And this is a very good reason for not offering a linear 3D channel. The question is whether or not the 3D faithful will figure this out and accept it.


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Nov 27, 2006
That may be the first thought I have seen that makes some sense for 3D. I just can't see it existing if it is applied to a whole movie but for in a very very few movies. But used strategically it could have a place, if no glasses are needed as with the LG technology. Still not sure if that works for more than movies.
Yes. At this point the glasses are the most serious hindrance to 3d gaining a wide audience.


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Mar 4, 2004
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It's not just the movie content or repeating shows on a dedicated channel; sports, especially outdoor sports, benefit greatly from good quality 3D. Augusta is beautiful in HD, but only in the 3D broadcasts do you really appreciate the elevation changes of the course and greens. It was like I'd never seen Augusta before. I thought at the time it was pretty pathetic that even Comcast provided it in 3D while Dish was silent. This coming Masters will be the third year available in 3D virtually everywhere except Dish. I've had my 3D set for almost 2 years and love it, and have been patiently waiting for Dish to wake up to the fact that they are basically telling millions of households that they really don't want their business. For the first year or so of that wait we kept hearing Dish is working on 3D. Only recently have I seen posts here that have indicated Dish will never provide 3D (I don't count VOD, for that cost I would rather own the Blu-ray). I too have been very happy with Dish for most of the six years I've had them, but for those of us who do like 3D they make it very difficult to stick around. I wish I could afford two providers like dfergie but unfortunately I have to choose. The NBC Olympic feed in 3D.....does anybody really expect Dish to carry it? If they did plan on it, wouldn't it make sense to make that public, including the hardware requirements, before some of us bail to the dark side? And if they do carry it, why can't they carry a couple of 3D networks?


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Sep 8, 2003
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Augusta is beautiful in HD, but only in the 3D broadcasts do you really appreciate the elevation changes of the course and greens. It was like I'd never seen Augusta before.

I just feel the priority for Dish has to be all channels in HD and that includes the RSN's. The amount of people who have Dish with 3D who really want it (as opposed to the many reports of people who bought a 3D TV not for the 3D but because of the advanced features only if you bought that model) has to pale in comparison to those who want their sports in HD and the other channels in HD.
However, I have to say you made your point very well with that description and if there was more than the very occasional program in 3D I could see it happening quicker.


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Mar 3, 2012
I have a vizio 3d tv. Also have a 722k dvr. Everytime I try to watch Kung fu panda 3d from vod I get error -
465 saying mt tv isn't compatible. I've tied to change the settings on tv but no luck solar.


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Nov 27, 2006
I have a vizio 3d tv. Also have a 722k dvr. Everytime I try to watch Kung fu panda 3d from vod I get error -
465 saying mt tv isn't compatible. I've tied to change the settings on tv but no luck solar.
Four words: "On line chat" or "DIRT". Either will sort it out for you in minutes. I guarantee it.


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Mar 12, 2006
I thought the prevailing opinion was that the ViP622 was not 3D enabled.

It's not, Dish marks 3D content for 722/922s only. Fashion channel HD is a 2D channel that was switching to 3D periodically. There's nothing special about the 3D signal except it's split screen with one half for each eye. When the program would go split screen, i would put the decoder in 3D mode and grab the glasses.


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Sep 30, 2006
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You just said exactly what I said. The only additional point I made was both directors and mixers often will "flex their muscles" in opening scenes then, except for action scenes, the Dialog, along with the principal actors stay near middle of the shot. It wasn't a statement about technology but rather style and only generally true. And I believe 3d will be applied the same way. Color went through the same thing. A lot of early films used outlandish costume colors to make an impression on movie patrons that had never seen color. All these techlologies are at first exploited. Later when the novelty wears off they are used much more naturally. That's all I was saying about how 3d will evolve.

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If you think so but I didn't see it that way.


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Aug 10, 2010
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To the OP: Sorry for your loss ... in paying all that extra money for a 3D tv. You are certainly well within your right to complain about not enough 3D content ... however, there are subscribers all across the nation who are getting the short end of the stick with HD. I won't speak for anyone else, and you can :flame::flame::flame:flame me all you want,:flame::flame::flame: but before I commit ONE CENT toward 3D, I want EVERYTHING that I am paying for in Hi-Def ... FIRST.

If DISH's refusal to provide you with 3D is gonna push you over to the other provider, then by all means, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Seriously ... You want 3D? Turn off the TV. Go outside and play.


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Feb 15, 2010
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Many here think that 3D is a passing fad and will never survive. Many just don't like 3D. We all have a position but I wonder what Dish's position is. My question is, why does Dish not provide 3D? Does Dish (the powers that be) think that 3D is going to fail? That's a good reason. Do they not want to spend the money to make the necessary band width available? That's a good reason. Is it technologically not possible for them to broadcast 3D? That's a good reason. Do they want to wait and see what 3D will become? That's not such a good reason unless they are certain that 3D will fail. If they are just waiting for the inevitable need to join the club, whether they like it or not, then they are just cutting off their nose to spite their face. If you know you're going to broadcast 3D someday anyway why allow current subs to jump ship? I don't have a 3D TV nor do I plan on buying one in the next 3 years. That being said I fail to see the logic in Dish putting off the move, unless they just cannot provide 3D.


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Aug 21, 2007
Thanks to everyone for your commentary.

Inazsully, I completely agree. Why Dish can't just answer this question is precisely why they lost me as a customer. Being coy with "we have it, except we don't broadcast anything in it" isn't keeping anyone around more than an extra month or two before they realize Dish is just trying to sell you a falsehood.

Scott -- thanks for the info about the external hard drive. It will get reformatted and placed into my NAS array for additional network hard drive storage.

Thanks to everyone here as well. I leave Dish with bittersweet feelings -- it seems that the Dish community is definitely more passionate about their company and service. Hopefully my leaving is another (small) drop in the bucket that makes Dish realize that the market is starting to move against them and their 3D stance.


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Jul 30, 2007
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Just a note of reminder for those of you who missed some of C. Ergen's comments in re: 3D in the summer of 2010.

During one of his "Charlie's Chats" he commented that Dish network felt the 3D field was immature. He cited as his facts the dispute over active and passive reception systems, and the limited availability of channels providing a stream of 3D content. At that time, the demand was also very limited as very few had 3D capable TVs. Mr. Ergen concluded by saying that Dish would re-examine the issue in the fall of 2011.

As a note of further history, Dish was carrying ESPNEWS HD in that time period. Dish was trying to add additional Disney HD programming at no extra cost to the subscribers (as I understand it, specifically ESPNU), and Ergen gave as his rationale the fact Dish had a contract with Disney that said Dish could secure programming on the same terms as other carriers. Disney stated that provision did not extend to HD content that was simulcast with the SD content, and that Dish could not carry the HD content free of charge even if DirecTV and other carriers were afforded that priviledge. The case went to court, and the Judge in the case ruled that Disney was correct in their interpretation that the pricing provision in the contract applied only to SD content. As a result, Dish was forced to discontinue carriage of ESPNNEWS HD and other Disney HD channels that were not being specifically paid for by Dish. Since Dish has a multi-year contract with Disney for SD content, no action is being planned by Dish on this front (as I understand the situation) until the SD contract is up for renewal. If I recall correctly, the Disney/Dish agreement expires in 2013, so no action on ESPNU or ESPNNews HD can be expected any time soon. This is a battle between the Disney money hogs and Dish, which Dish cannot win, so Ergen is simply trying to ensure that at least Dish does not lose. That's too bad for those of us who prefer to watch ESPNU content, but I note Dish is carrying the new NBC cable sports channel in HD. Maybe that will take up some of the slack, if (or when) NBC gets the programming up to par.

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