4K Available to More Customers TODAY

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  1. Starting December 16, the DIRECTV broadcast 4K channels – that is channels 104-106 – will be included in the SELECT programming package and above. Previously, these channels have been limited to customers with either the ULTIMATE or PREMIER packages, as well as the LO MAXIMO and above Spanish-language programming packages.

    This is great news as it will allow more of our customers to enjoy our broadcast 4K content provided they have the required 4K equipment. Additionally, it will reduce instances where a customer upgrading to a 4K television will also be required to upgrade their DIRECTV programming package.

    In terms of verifying 4K content availability, this change does not impact current field processes. Once 4K equipment is installed, technicians should tune to channel 104 – if live programming or a slide is displaying, 4K services have been successfully authorized. If channel 104 isn’t displaying content, check to see if channel 1104 is showing up in the guide – if it is, the customer is set for 4K VOD, PPV, and PPV events, but will need to either visit directv.com/4k or call Customer Care to learn more about which programming packages include 4K broadcast channels.
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  3. This is better now. I have an HR-44 and the 4K TV, do I only need to upgrade to an HR-54 receiver? and if I do, is that another 2 years contract?
  4. You do need the HR54.
  5. Correct but I guess what I'm asking is, 1) Do I need more equipment installed, besides the HR54? New LNB? 2) Do this lock me into contract again?

  6. You need a TV that supports 4K RVU.

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  7. Thanks. I think it does but will double check.
  8. ?
    Why would it have to be one that does RVU ?
  9. The HR54 itself won't do 4K. Minimum set up is HR54 plus either a C61 or RVU TV.
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  10. Correct, however, if you don't have a RVU set, your still able to do this, if your adding a HR54, it would make sense to add the rest of what you will need to get 4k, I certainly would make sure I have everything needed if I was gonna do it.

    I personally don't like the RVU idea and would go a different route when time comes.
  11. You would need a TV with 4K RVU or a C61K Client box... thats the only way to see the 4K from DIRECTV when you have a HR54.
  12. Ok, that cleared that up.
    I just wanted people to know that they could do this without having to limit themselves to a RVU set.
  13. Did you miss the "or" in my answer? :)
  14. Possibly ... :(

    However, my original post was before your post, it was just referring to Scotts original post ...
    It has since been addressed, so everything has been covered as far as that goes.
  15. Are they going to add them to other packages like the Xtra package? I know you need the HR-54 and C61k for those channels but what about needing a new dish and LNB for the 4k channels?
  16. Read the first Post...
  17. Hey man! You were right on the h24-700 :) the CUI is VERY glitchy.
  18. Totally off Topic,
    also I've never actually heard of H24-700.
    So that wasn't me thats told you it was Glitchy.
  19. Insted of an HR24-700 its a H24-700

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  20. And was referring to my H2 getting the CUI
  21. Another Off Topic ... You own TyCo ?
    Thats impressive !!!
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