4K Available to More Customers TODAY

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Support Forum' started by Scott Greczkowski, Dec 16, 2016.

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  3. Sorry about that, I sometimes read things too fast. :)
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  4. No problem, Atleast you read it.
    Many people don't even read the first post, Just the title lol.
  5. What about needing a new dish and lnb? Thanks.
  6. You might need that DSWM13 lnb.
    But Im not sure.
  7. Okay apparently you need one of these.
    I'm guessing for the live 4K channels.
  8. Well, you'll need a SWM 3/5 dish at the very least if you don't have one already.

    If D* is doing the upgrade, They will supply the new equipment, dish and LNB wise.
  9. If you have international channels your screwed until ATT comes with a solution on how to integrate 95 in with reverse band. No new news on this front either.
  10. Well for the prices Directv charges, I wish my Fellow members would switch to Dish or even Cable.
    But Dish also doesn't have a International solution for Western Arc H3 accounts either.
  11. So ... Dish has the same programming that D* does cheaper ?
    With Picture Quality of at least D* level ?

    1st, the 2 companies don't package the same channels in thier packages so a apples to apples comparison can't be done.
    DISH doesn't have the Sunday Ticket available.

    So far, it looks like if those are things one needs, they don't have the option to go to Dish or Cable.
  12. Hey, I tried.
  13. I'm very happy to see this change. I have the 4K channel for the first time since the Olympics (when I think they opened the channels up as I've always just had the Xtra package but it worked then).

    It is truly a beautiful picture - hopefully we'll see some growth in this with more live sports and some big name channels like HBO.
    The 4K race sure seems to be starting slower than the HD race did - and that was a pretty slow start with only a handful of channels for the first couple years on Directv.
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  14. You do not need the new LNB ... yet.

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  15. So is 104 the only free channel?
  16. 104 is free with select and up. 105 is PPV. 106 is live events and some content may be tied to their source network (such as NBA TV). 106 is starting to show replays of events occasionally as well, and has a PPV UFC fight listed in the guide as well.
  17. 104 has been down for me since yesterday. Is "D" having a problem with 104 or is it just me?
  18. Bit late to this, but I saw 106 was working last night, had an NBA game on. I just glanced at the PQ for a moment and then changed channels. 104 is working today.
  19. I actually don't think the 4k deal is starting any faster or slower than HD did. I was one of the very early adopters for HD and I remember only having 5 channels with Directv when I did. One was a PPV channel and one was only part time HD for ESPN. And Dish had no HD at the time. I think the 4k thing will take off eventually but it's going to take some time.
  20. Mark Cuban's HD Net was also one of the first on D*.
    Really liked it back then.
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  21. Speaking of More 4K ....
    Is there anything of interest on the 4k channels today ?
    Was wondering if they put anything special on for Christmas ...
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