4K Available to More Customers TODAY

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Support Forum' started by Scott Greczkowski, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Like a 4K Yule Log? :)
  2. Watching a show on channel 104. The screen says 4K but it doesn't look very good. Then I notice that this show, "Alaska:Spirit of the Wild" was shot in 1997. If it really is 4K then 1997 was not a good year.
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  3. Like they've done with MLB, Olympics, Notre Dame football (for some reason :confused:)......my head would explode if DirecTV would put on some NHL games in 4K! :whoo
  4. What does Directv have planned for 4K in 2017? They now offer 4K in the lower packages and many more 4K TV's are being purchased. Seems like a pretty ripe market
  5. Not so much DIRECTV. You need to get the content providers to add more 4K content, or start a 4K channel, maybe a full time sports or movie channel.
  6. Easiest way is for them to show a Rogers (Canada)4k feed I guess......Not alot of true 4k right now.