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Sound Problems at beginning of 4K California Washington game. According to the intro screen this was 4K HDR Programming. It definitely was 4K (3840x2160) but it did not trigger HDR on my Sony XBR-65X900E TV. Also there was no sound for the first 5 minutes. Then the announcers Microphones were not on. They did get the sound fixed before the game began. The picture was excellent.
As I continue watching it appears they are using the wrong camera view. Showing the whole stadium rather than the action on the field. Now showing weather radar screen. It appears that the camera crew either is having problems or don’t know what they are doing.
The radar screen was to show weather delay. Maybe weather was the cause of the technical problems.
Sports commentators during the weather delay but the sound is the stadium sound not the commentators. Finally have sound from the commentators.
With 16 minutes left of the DVR event the game resumes with 4 minutes 34 seconds left in first quarter.

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Just curious, will the Fox NFL upconverting be better than my LG OLED upconverting? If not, why do it at all when most 4K TVs upconvert.


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Just curious, will the Fox NFL upconverting be better than my LG OLED upconverting? If not, why do it at all when most 4K TVs upconvert.
Because, maybe, not all 4K TVs upconvert as well as your LG OLED.... My Vizio does a damned fine job as well. And, the main reason is they want to say this is a NFL 4K game and if they let it go at 1080P they couldn't say that....
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I'm not completely sure but 1080P 60P might only be a raw production format / standard.

Don't believe there are any channels on sat. or cable that can show that format that would be just 1080P / 60P.
1080P / 24P yes but not sure about 60P.

So the only way to show it would be to put it on a 4k / 60P channel and in the process they would
have to upconvert for you to be able to view it.

But like the other poster said the reason Fox is saying 4k HDR is 100% marketing and hype to get viewers.
Even though they completely lying to us. You're not going to get people excited telling them in 2019 you now
offer great and improved " HD " picture quality.

I just can't get over how blalent they are about lying about this.

How stupid do they think Amercan sports viewers are.
Especially 4k viewers are probably the most tech advanced group watching.



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mesa az
A heads up, the NFL will NOT be in 4k HDR for the Thursday games.

It's going to be 1080P HDR and upconverted to 4k HDR.

Fox and NFL are being cheap it appears.
And misleading the fans and viewers.
Pretty lousy thing to do for fans that were pumped to see real 4k HDR.

Here's a link to the article I read.


I'm a bit confused,
This is a DISH 4k forum thread,

Are you saying DISH will have a 1080p hdr feed for thursdays nfl game?
Will that be the nfl channel feed
Or the fox channel feed
or the 4k feed?

Or are you presenting DirecTv info in a DISH thread?

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Fox Sports Will Show ALCS Games in 4K for the First Time
Baseball fans will now be able to enjoy games in higher quality than ever before. Fox Sports has announced that they will now be streaming 2019 American League Championship Series games in 4K for the first time through the Fox Sports and Fox Now apps.
“While FOX Sports takes great pride in being at the forefront of the use of new and ever-changing production technology, it’s always about the game on the field,” said Brad Cheney, FOX Sports VP Field Operations & Engineering. “We want to be right in that sweet spot … the intersection of art and science. The use of technology should always enhance the storytelling, bringing viewers closer than ever to the sports they love.”

Fox Sports Will Show ALCS Games in 4K for the First Time - Cord Cutters News



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Last year they had the NLCS in 4K and it was on channel 540. Of course this year we have a tiff going on so we’ll have to see if they get an agreement soon.
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I know we aren’t getting anything with Thursday NFL football because of the Fox BS, but watched the game on Amazon. It looked fantastic. SJ


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College Football, Nebraska at Minnesota, Saturday 10-12, 4:30 PM PDT, Channel 540-1.
Interesting, i don't see this event on any other provider yet but ill add it to the chart
also big FOX has ALDS at 2000 EDT on 10/10