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Feb 27, 2009
central, il
I am building an addition on to my house and will be adding one or two more receivers to the two I have later on. I want to run my coax thru the walls before I have it sheet rocked. Is there a special kind of coax I should get.
I have a SWiM with a single lead and a splitter to the two receivers now (tech installed) will I be able to split one lead again or do I need to have D* come and replace what is needed to go to four receivers?
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May 8, 2007
Sanborn, NY
My advice would be to run at LEAST, 2 RG6 coax and 2 cat5 (or cat6) ethernet to each TV location. You can use the 2nd coax for an antenna feed if you want and use one of the ethernet for phone if you want. The other ethernet would be for any future network aware appliances (like bluray or a networkable TV, etc).

This would be the absolute minimum I'd pull to any new location. If you REALLY want to think ahead, install smurf tube or conduit. That way you can remove/replace/add to any of the above in the future.... like adding a fiber cable :)
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