Apple Event: iPhone 14, Apple Watch 8, AirPod Pro 2

So far everything I heard about the iPhone 14 does not have me interested in upgrading. Lets hope they have some big surprises under the hood.

I am however interested in the Apple Watch Series 8 as I am on a series 4 now. The series 7 was SO disappointing, lets hope the Series 8 hold a lot more new under the hood.
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I hope someday Apple Watch will be able to measure blood pressure!
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My Apple Watch is Series 4 too... Does Apple do trade-in's?
My Apple Watch is Series 4 too... Does Apple do trade-in's?

Yes, but last time I looked, it was a paltry sum.

I get a 10% discount at Apple for being a veteran, but that's about all I've seen.

I'm really disappointed. I was hoping the AW8 would have a flat screen, as some have speculated. I'm sorry I passed up a chance to get an AW7 last week for $229, probably won't see any offers like that again. Oh well, maybe the AW8 will offer something new and better.

The cases for the iPhone 14 are the same as for the 13, so no major style change there. I'm not interested in the Pro or Max.

I guess we'll know in a little while.
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Ovulation sensor! Didn’t think I would need one, but I guess you never know! :D
Crash detection is good, but they should be able to do the same in the iPhone, I would think.

I like the Low-Power Mode, but that’s backwards compatible, right?
How about satellite connectivity? ;)
Want some fun? Want to feel your jaw hit the floor?

“Alexa, what is the price of the Apple Watch Ultra?”
So far, it seems there may be no iPhone in this show. Yeah, I know. But I have little interest in the watch. Stopped wearing one many many years ago.
Air Pods.

Because we STILL know there’s STILL money in your pocket!

Haven’t used an ear bud in years either.


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