Apple Event: iPhone 14, Apple Watch 8, AirPod Pro 2

I went ahead and disabled the automatic updates on my iPhone for now. Will wait a few weeks for bug fixes…
The lock screen widgets need some more flexibility, hopefully eventually.

I installed iOS 16 even though my iPhone 14 Pro is due to arrive Friday. No issues with 16 so far. As usual, just incremental improvements.
Still looking for compelling reasons to upgrade to iphone 14 Pro Max.
First of all is the cost. trading in my pro Max 11 with 512GB storage
I would need the largest size Pro Max with 512GB storage. Price ~45 per month for 24 months from Apple account $1080
From Verizon is $36 per month but in the fine print it says for 36 payments. $1296. Plus they may require I increase my service at additional charge.

Mostly I use the iphone for communications and a quick camera and my 11 is working fine for my needs. But the camera is amazing, or is it?

You feeling left out if you don't periodically drop 1 large or more on a new phone?
I had planned to upgrade iphone 11 this Fall but decided to spend the money on upgrading my Insta 360 One X and get a new GoPro 11. ( No monthly payments) After many reviews from the early adopters, I switched from the GoPro to the DJI Action 3 instead of the GoPro 11. Main reason was the blasted overheating problem Go Pro continues to have since the 3's. I have a GoPro 10 now and it is so frustrating when I can't shoot because the camera is too hot. DJI solved the problem. Image quality and features performance is the same on the two brands.

The latest Insta 360 now eliminates needing to link to the iphone for settings and review. They added a large touch screen for this. Still can use the iphone app for remote control too.

So, between the two camera upgrades and keeping my iphone 11 I think I'll be well served and less money out of pocket.

Ordered this this morning:

Lets see what iphone 15 offers next year. :)
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Hopefully the iPhone 15 has USB Type C connector. While the Lightning physical connector is more durable than the Type C with its central plastic tab holding connectors just like the MicroUSB, at least it doesn’t have a orientation like previous USB connectors. Hopefully it isn’t as prone to breakage as the flimsy tab on MicroUSB.

Lightning is way too slow these days, only 480 mbps (USB 2 speeds), and when you can have an iPhone with 1 TB of storage, that’s just plain insulting.
I too would prefer the Type C connector. The EU appears to be pushing that direction. Pretty much every other Apple product has switched.
Question: If Apple wants to make the iphone more waterproof, how will either USB C or Lightning work for that? For charging we already have wireless that I use 99% of the time except when I need to use the iphone for long on use in the car, for waze etc. That is the only time I plug in for charging. Data transfer is all wireless too.
Stopped in to see the new stuff at the Apple store today. I was surprised by how thin the 14 is. Also how bright the screen is. It's a different look. Maybe next year for the 15. The store was packed with people buying the 14 and AW 8. That surprised me. No recession with Apple customers.
The store was packed with people buying the 14 and AW 8.
Let me correct this statement. While the store was packed, I did not see anyone actually walking out with any products. I saw many asking questions and fondling the Apple products. No employee taking orders. Last year the story was different people placing orders and some walking out with their purchase.

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