Bright lights... Fire Hazard?

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Apr 18, 2006
That LED on the DVB world box is mighty bright. Scalds the eyes almost. I put up a small sheild between my eyes and the box via some sculpy that I play with near the computer on occassion. Is that LED light a fire hazard? Seems to be really bright, always on, and to put out a little heat...
Also, and more importantly, how much of a fire hazard is that weird plugin thingy that the dvb world box uses? When plugging it in originally, I saw some sparks. For those that don't have a usb world box, the plugin is a weird three prong deally and there's an adaptor to gt it to work in a normal outlet. I'm guessing the other three prong deal is normal type outlet for the part of the world that this thing's made in?
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