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Jun 24, 2010
hello I have been having a problem on a couple of sats for instance 103w I can view one channel with a signal of 65 but when I change channels on the same sat I have to move my dish a little to pick it up and then move back to get the same channel that had a signal of 65.Is my skew off or elevation I really don't have a clue ant and all help would greatly be appreciated thanks Dan.....

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Feb 27, 2010
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Yup, More info is needed. Mount type, polar or Az-El ? (Polar mount pipe, is it plumb??) LNB's and polarotor feed or an LNBF. Model? Have you 'string tested' the dish (warp)?? Have you tweaked the feed placement for best performance??


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Sep 3, 2004
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A 6' dish on C-band is not 2 degree compliant. The small aperture dish is likely picking up interference from an adjacent satellite that interferes with the transponder. Motoring away from the adjacent satellite interference attenuates the conflicting transponder signal and the desired transponder is then received with higher Signal Quality readings.


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Nov 25, 2010
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I would make sure that the signal is peaked. Skew, depth etc. Try to get the max signal and then recheck. If you have access to a signal meter make sure the dish is pointed right and then make the quality on the meter on your receiver or whatever you have go to the highest point by adjusting the skew and depth of the lnb,.
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